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Mar 01, 2013


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60 passed

117 didn't


This is what Robbie Perkins brought Greensboro.

This is what TREBIC brought Greensboro.

This is what Marlene Sanford illegally lobbied for, that was illegally deducted by TREBIC contributors.

Notable TREBIC members;

Brown Investment Properties - Cemala - Susan Schwartz - DGI
Carroll Companies - Al Leonard - DGI
Smith Moore Leatherwood, LLC - Melvin
NAI Piedmont Triad - Robbie Perkins - DGI
Nexsen Pruet, PLLC - Robbie's girl
Isaacson Isaacson Sheridan Fountain & Leftwich, LLP - Nancy Hoffman, Roy Carroll's Attorney
Carolina Bank - Braswell - DGI

TREBIC Bronze Members
Chaney Properties - DGI Board - Dawn Cheney
Greensboro Partnership - Roy Carroll, Denise Turner Roth, ex lobbyist
TREBIC is responsible for this.

TREBIC is responsible for harming poor renters.

The above names are connected.

The above are DGI and the Greensboro Partnership.

The Greensboro News & Record never reported it.

Robin Saul is a board member of the Greensboro Partnership, which is a TREBIC member.

The Greensboro Partnership helped fund a lobbyist that harmed poor renters state wide, and the Greensboro News & Record never reported it.

Luckily for Downtown, I hear Dawn Cheney is on the committee to fix DGI.

Those who have harmed poor renters state wide have been left unaccountable for their actions.

Those who harmed poor renters state wide include those city council members who did nothing to prevent it.


So Zack and Dawn are on the DGI fix it committee together, except on different sides of the table?

"Perkins says the RUCO board voted 6 to 5
against sending a letter to the mayor
urging the city to oppose the legislation"

Perkins: "The majority said we don’t need RUCO."

Jordan Green
"At-large Councilman Robbie Perkins announced plans to run for mayor of Greensboro today at the headquarters of the Greater Greensboro Regional Realtors Association...

...Perkins made his announcement surrounded by friends in the real-estate industry, including developer Roy Carroll and lawyer Henry Isaacson.

“The realtors and the builders have been my base for my candidacy for 17-18 years,” Perkins said. “In fact, before I even got into politics, Trip Brown and I worked to get an organization together that was the precursor of TREBIC way back when.

Chester “Trip” Brown Jr. is the chairman of the board of Brown Investment Properties. The organization they helped establish, the Triad Real Estate and Building Industries Coalition, or TREBIC, is a prominent player in city-county politics and has been involved with virtually every aspect of city policy concerning land use and housing.

Perkins is the president of NAI Piedmont Triad, a commercial real estate company.

"N&R exiles to the limbo of its proprietary e-reader an article on possible changes to RUCO, so I'll summarize it for you:

RUCO seems to work pretty well at its objective of making rental properties safer and more livable, and people who advocate for renters like it a lot, but some landlords and politicians don't like it as much so it might get changed."

Ed Cone
Aug 29, 2010 at 07:56 AM
Don Vaughan 2010 Notable Real Estate Industry Contributors

Dawn Chaney Chaney Properties - DGI
Marc Isaacson Real Estate Development Attorney - TREBIC
Michael Shiftan Devcon Resources - DGI
Thomas White Alliance Management - Post RUCO Study Committee
"The first duty of government
is to protect the powerless against the powerful."

Code of Hammurabi
Can we collectively agree that there is something wrong with our government?

If there was no broad consensus that the RUCO taskforce meeting at the office of a special interest lobbyist who is a member of the taskforce is a bad idea...?

Would everyone agree that when RUCO was gutted, more people were then more harmed than if not?


I am glad to see a post regarding the copcam.

Is it true that these cameras serve as "legal armor" for the officers, since the officer can provide footage to refute any charges of excessive force and since the officer is free to delete any footage of themselves actually using excessive force?


"Chaney Properties has specialized in restoring and leasing historic buildings in downtown Greensboro and near UNC-Greensboro since 1982. Our historic vintage properties include over 100 apartment buildings, single family houses and commercial buildings within walking distance of UNCG and downtown Greensboro."
So Dawn Chaney was on the RUCO taskforce.

Now she is on the post RUCO study committee.

DGI Chair, and on the committee looking to fix DGI.
"David Hoggard,

Did or did Robbie not screw poor renters state wide or not?"

George Hartzman
"Yes he did."

David Hoggard
September 29, 2011 at 09:15 PM
Nancy Hoffmann,...said RUCO had been successful and had improved the city’s housing inventory, but she appreciated that landlords might have a different perspective.

Jim Kee and Zack Matheny, respectively the incumbents in districts 2 and 3 — both heavily favored to win their races — echoed Rakestraw’s criticism that city staff is inspecting the same properties over and over again.

...Robbie Perkins, the challenger in the race, said, “It’s hard to cry over spilt milk. If the state legislature decides they’re going to put a program out of business, then they’ve got the authority to do that. I think the question is, where do we go from here?”

Jordan Green
Seems like a pretty clear indication of which side of town got sold a bridge in the last City of Greensboro election, as the Greensboro News & Record didn't bother telling their readers what actually happened, which means the paper, especially the editorial board, misled Greensboro's voters.
"How often does the fox leave the hen house because he feels that taking an egg would be wrong?"

Dilbert's Scott Adams


I believe Robbie Perkins, when talking about how the state legislation eliminated RUCO, was very disingenuous and misleading as he funded TREBIC and stacked the RUCO board to get rid of RUCO at the state level.

If Robbie Perkins supported RUCO, why would he vote to eliminate sampling inspections of multifamily properties?
"Ms. Dellinger moved to eliminate 2% sampling on multifamily property,
seconded by Mr. Sims.

The vote was tied 6-6.

(Ayes: Dellinger [Koury], Nelson, Placentino, Chaney, Sims, Perkins [Now Greensboro Mayor Robbie Perkins.

Nays: Akin, Rotruck, Cannon, Giles, Tuck, Smith.)

The vote died due to lack of a majority.

...John Lowder, Executive Director of the Triad Apartment Association, stated that it was a misrepresentation that the real estate industry representatives were trying to eliminate the program.

Did Matheny and Perkins stack the RUCO Board?

Name:.......Appointed by:............Date:

Robert Aiken... Mayor Johnson...2/19/2008
Greensboro Landlords Association, TREBIC,
reapointed by Robbie Perkins

Howard Frank Auman, III...Perkins.... 4/19/2011
Signature Properties, TREBIC,
Perkins and many others campaign contributor

Dawn Chaney...Rakestraw...8/2/2010
Landlord, TREBIC

Ronald Bryan Nelson...4/19/2011
(date reappt)...Perkins
Triad Apartment Association, TREBIC

Lee Porter...Matheny...1/4/2011
CEO, Birch [Property] Management, TREBIC

Jeff Simms...Wade...1/6/2009
agent or owners of rental properties, per Jordan Green

Helen Wood...Perkins...2/1/2011
Realtor, Apartment owner and manager


City Manager's Office
City of Greensboro, 10/29/2011

Eric Robert

Dawn Chaney also chairs Greensboro's redevelopment Commission and is on the executive committee for The Greensboro Landlord association.

sal leone

The same players all around town, no wonder the rich get richer, but the people will re-elect the same old.


i remember something about the ice rink in the audit or some other filing.

anyone know?


Like I said before ncrr will be a problem for this whole situation . Can someone please explain the eminent domain to demolish building but then also have a rfp to refurbish.


"When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living in society,
they create for themselves, in the course of time,
a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it."

Frederic Bastiat
A government which robs Peter to pay Paul,
can always depend on the support of Paul.

George Bernard Shaw


"The RUCO Advisory Board voted earlier this month to have the task force explore an option drafted by TREBIC President Marlene Sanford that calls for eliminating “most proactive inspections and the RUCO certificate...

...The option under discussion was proposed by Marlene Sanford, president of the Triad Real Estate and Building Industries Coalition, or TREBIC.

[Who funds TREBIC?]

It would strip the ordinance of key provisions requiring certification of all rental units and providing for proactive inspections through sampling.

Task force members on the industry side argued the RUCO Advisory Board had already instructed them to eliminate proactive inspections;

The RUCO Advisory Board, which has a majority comprised of landlords, is likely to approve any recommendation that strikes language from the ordinance requiring certification and proactive inspections.

Some of the landlords on the board are designated representatives such as Lisa Dellinger, an employee of Koury Corp. who represents TREBIC and Bryon Nelson of the Triad Apartment Association.

Others, who have been appointed to “general citizen” or district representation slots
such as Greensboro Landlords Association President Bobby Akin, District 3 appointee Peter Placentino of Brown Investment Properties
and District 4 appointee Dawn Chaney of Chaney Properties, happen to be landlords or members of the property management industry.

...council members would find themselves in the awkward position of having to choose between satisfying members of the real estate industry,
many of whom finance their political campaigns,
and siding with active neighborhood leaders who organize and attend candidate forums."

Jordan Green
Yes Weekly
Guess who City Council ended up siding with?

What did Bellamy-Small do?


What did Jim Kee do?


Who spoke at Jim Kee's campaign party?

Henry Issacson.

Who does Henry work for?

Roy Carroll etc...

Who represented Nancy Hoffman when she bought a downtown commercial property last month?

TREBIC member Isaacson Isaacson Sheridan & Fountain

Who wouldn't comment if DGI had been talking to Nancy Hoffman about leasing Hoffman's newly aquired real estate right in the middle of the proposed locations for the GPAC?

Nancy Hoffman.

So if taxpayers fund the Greensboro Partnership which funds TREBIC, how did some of Greensboro's taxpayer money not get spent on eliminating RUCO?

This is attrocious.

Some have the blood of poor renters on their hands.

Posted by: Hartzman | Jul 22, 2012 at 08:13 AM


some people want the ordinance dead and gone, everywhere and forever.

They tried unsuccessfully to undermine it through the City Council in 2010.

Now they've taken their case to the state, where proposed legislation not only would forbid RUCO in Greensboro, but anywhere else in North Carolina.

The state House bill would ban local governments
from inspecting rental housing unless there is "reasonable cause to believe that unsafe, unsanitary, or otherwise hazardous or unlawful conditions may exist."

In leaving no doubt that the target is RUCO, the bill adds: "In no event" may a city or county "adopt or enforce any local ordinance that would require any owner or manager of rental property
to obtain any permit or permission from the county to lease or rent residential real property" or "enroll or participate in any governmental program as a condition of obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy."

In other words, it would not only uproot the RUCO process in Greensboro, but stamp out the seeds of any similar ordinance in other cities and counties.

This bill is disconcerting on two fronts: It attempts to reverse an ordinance in Greensboro that has worked very well by almost any measure.

And it attempts to snatch the right of local governments to ensure safer housing for their own residents.

If anything, other cities and counties should want to emulate this city's success."

GN&R Editorial Board
Notice how the Editorial Board didn't mention any names?

Whose names would they have stated if asked?
Posted by: Hartzman | Jul 22, 2012 at 08:54 AM
And then Allen Johnson let Robbie and friends get away with it without holding anyone publicly responsible.

It was a lie of omission.

The Editorial Board of the Greensboro News & Record shares part of the blame for TREBIC and friends harming poor renters state wide.

David Hoggard

Can someone please turn the man's spigot off?


Here you go David;

Downtown Greensboro Audit - 1/20/2012 Audit - FY Ending 2011


On June 30, 2011, DGI foundation owned $78,560 worth of ice rink.

Page 3 shows the ownership.
"As the project moves forward, the city would commit $23,000 for a one-time installation cost and an estimated $20,000 for electricity and water.

Who paid for the utility costs after the first year?
"...the largest expense is the rental of the rink ($175,000) to Renovo, with an option to purchase the rink by the city.

Other information in the release include expected revenues from foundations and other sponsorships (Cemala Foundation $25,000, Bryan Foundation $15,000 and other sponsorships $35,000).

"...Lovejoy said it will cost $86,700 initially to secure the rink, adding the city could purchase it for $65,000 after the festival is over. Then it could be used on an annual basis.

...the city would incur an estimated $20,000 in utility costs for the festival.

Donald W. Patterson
Greensboro News & Record
If 90% of DGI's funds come from taxpayers, and the foundation ended up with $78,560 worth of ice rink stuff, did some choose to go around the city and county elected official votes to hide the purchase?
“We had an overwhelming positive response from our community last year,” said Elijah Lovejoy, president of Renovo Designs LLC and founder of Piedmont Winterfest. “Due to popular demand, the rink will be over 50 percent bigger than last year, making it the largest outdoor downtown ice rink in the state.”

EXPANDED ICE RINK: Event organizers have expanded the length of the rink by 8 feet, adding another 500 square feet to the size of the rink. Total rink dimensions are 65×85 ft.

100 FOOT ICE SLIDE: This year’s major new feature is a 100 foot ice slide. WFMY News 2 Winterfest will provide ice slide saucers as part of the $9 ticket price. The ice slide has a 7 foot slope over 20 feet before leveling out for cruise speed.

Where did the money come from to pay for the bigger rink and ice slide?


David Hoggard

I paid it with a personal check.


Dear Ed Wolverton, DGI, City Council and City of Greensboro Staff;

Why would Ed Wolverton send me a DGI Foundation 990 stating not much other than DGF owning than $78,560 worth of "Equipment", which matches the $78,560 worth of of ice rink filed in the Audit - FY Ending 2011 filed to the NC Secretary of State, after I asked DGI to provide information detailing where the money came from that paid for the ice rink in FY 2010/11?

The question was where did the money originate?

The question does not appear to have been answered.

If the question was answered within the financial statements, please provide clarification.
If the contractual yearly total compensation to the Budd Group for the "Clean and Green Program" was $304,750 from 3/1/2010 to 2/28/2013, why is the 7/1/2011 to 6/30/2012 DGI budget allocation for "Clean and Green Services" $334,000?

George Hartzman



32. Resolution authorizing contract between the City of Greensboro and TREBIC (Triad Real Estate and Building Industry Coalition) to assist with the Jordan Lake Rules legislation.
After Marlene Sanford and Robbie Perkins got rid of RUCO at the state level with illegal lobbying by TREBIC with illegally deducted dues by Robbie Perkins' NAI Piedmont among others, the city managed by the Greensboro Partnership's Ex-lobbyist Denise Turner Roth now wants to hire a lobbyist who along with Greensboro's mayor, harmed poor renters state wide.


TREBIC is a lobbying group.

TREBIC actively lobbied to have RUCO dismantled.

TREBIC is Roy, Robbie and more.

TREBIC actively directs campaign donation bundles.

I believe Robbie Perkins misled Greensboro's African American community along with other elected officials who didn't lift a finger to oppose the state gutting of RUCO.

TREBIC lobbies.

The % of that lobbying is not tax deductible.

TREBIC's members appear to have deducted their entire "donations".

I believe TREBIC is in violation of tax law, as are the donating members, who know Marlene lobbies.

"TREBIC...does endorsements" which means they lobby.

Lobbying is not tax deductible, therefore it appears they have defrauded the government by cheating on their tax returns.

Talking about getting rid of RUCO is lobbying.

Talking about specific language in legislation at public meetings
is lobbying.

Trying to eliminate a "one tree rule" for low income housing is lobbying.

Lobbying is not tax deductible, therefore those who deducted the donations did file their tax returns correctly.

Did TREBIC engage in direct or indirect political campaign activities on behalf of or in opposition to candidates for public office?

TREBIC's tax return says "no".



TREBIC Notable 2012 Sponsorship Congress: "Pig, Poultry & Politics"

Carroll Companies

Brown Investment Properties,
Isaacson, Isaacson, Sheridan & Fountain LLP
Smith Moore Leatherwood LLP

Other notable TREBIC members:

Gold Members
Brown Investment Properties
Carroll Companies
Smith, Moore, Leatherwood LLP

Silver Members
NAI Piedmont Triad.
Bessemer Improvement
Isaacson Isaacson Sheridan & Fountain
Nexsen Pruet, PLLC

Bronze Members
Alliance Management, Inc.
Greensboro Partnership
If the Greensboro Partnership is a dues paying TREBIC member, and the Partnership recieves taxpayer money, the City of Greensboro indirectly funded the harming of poor renters state wide.

If TREBIC illegally lobbied, the above TREBIC dues paying members among others illegally deducted portions of their payments supporting TREBIC.

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