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Mar 08, 2013


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I understand there was a meeting involving Roy Carroll, Nancy Hoffman, Robbie Perkins, Zack Matheny, and two rooftop club owners this past week that is not on the small meetings list.


From Mike Carter on Facebook;

"Police Chief Miller called my cell phone last week to talk about the noise ordinance, and swore up and down that it's "NOT about Roy Carroll and Center Pointe". Today I've got a lunch meeting with the owner of the only other rooftop club, two city council members working on the noise ordinance....and Roy Carroll. No other real estate developer is coming. ...and every other real estate developer has their downtown living facility at nearly 100% occupancy. Center Pointe...less than 10% occupancy. Chief and council members; Honesty is a virtue. And you wonder why my next business plan is for Asheboro?"

Posted by: Hartzman | Mar 06, 2013 at 10:50 AM

Ed Cone

"Less than 10% occupancy"

Is that accurate? I have heard low numbers, but none that low.


"Less than 10% occupancy"

Don't know.

Seems a bit low.

Point is they met and it was supposed to be documented and it wasn't.


Apparently they met at the WORX, which is connected to the Cascade Saloon Robbie wants to spend everyone else's money on, even though it's in a railroad easement, in the upstairs conference room hidden from public view.

Roy Carroll was flanked by Robbie on one side and Zack on the other.

Robbie said the GPAC would help create the city he wants where everybody goes home at 11 after the show.

He said something along the lines of "make no mistake, we will live in a city where there is no outdoor amplified noise, with this council or the next."

This is the commercial real estate that Robbie was the listing agent for, that received free parking for employees next to a $200,000 parking lot Greensboro taxpayers just paid for.


Also heard Roy told them he lost condo sales because of Green Street, and some potential buyers won't unless Green Street Club is castrated.

Andrew Brod

I don't think that meeting had to be documented. The IFYI defines the listed meetings as those involving "City Staff and [more than two but less than five] Councilmembers." If that description mimics the rule for small-group meetings, then a meeting of two council members wouldn't have to be documented. Wasn't one of Perkins' changes when he took office to raise the reporting threshold from two three?

The other relevant bits in that clause are "and" and "City Staff." If a meeting doesn't include staff, does it have to be reported?

Sorry - I've been reviewing a lot of contracts recently.


Either way this sucks.


Nancy Hoffman, Robbie Perkins and Zack Matheny

"Roy's Representatives"


From someone on Facebook;

"I don't know the exact figure but you may look into the monthly income requirements center pointe requires if it's tenants. I remember it being well above what was necessary to "afford" their rent. I wanted to live there when I moved to Greensboro and didn't meet the income requirements. I think this is to create an atmosphere they would prefer but it does make it difficult to fill the apartments."


So two of the three event space owners who sport amplified sound met with roy, robbie, zack and nancy...

Where was Lomax?

Are roy, robbie, zack and nancy only targeting the two who regularly cater to african american patrons on their rooftop's?

Will lomax be exempt?

At what point does who decide it's blatant?

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