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Mar 12, 2013


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David Wharton

"In any case, I would not have guessed that GOP control of state government would result in the persistent centralization of power in Raleigh."

Really? That has been the trend for a while now, protecting existing businesses -- billboards, real estate (RUCO), and cable -- at the expense of local autonomy. It looks like they are on the verge of a big-government takeover higher education, too. It's like they never heard of Hayek. (Come to think of it, I doubt that most of the legislators HAVE heard of Hayek.)

Not my kind of conservatism.

David Wharton

Or perhaps you were being sarcastic. In which case we're agreed.

Ed Cone

I was starting the clock a couple of years pre-Pat.


I can tell you what the money folks will say: Leave it with Charlotte. Reason? Airport bonds would be backed by Charlotte's taxing authority, which is to say its full faith and credit, and not by the power of a regional airport authority to collect (an unreliable supply of) various fees: landing, parking, etc.

Now, whether that advice will make any difference is another question entirely.

Chris Watkins

Interesting how they are against BIG GOVERNMENT until they ARE big government.

Looks like Rep. Trudy Wade is attempting to put BIG GOVERNMENT'S hands on LOCAL school board elections.

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