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Mar 01, 2013


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They must of had at least 20 security guards locked arm to arm that protected both benches from the fans. Still, Priceless!


Court-stormers jumped the shark back in 2011 when UNC fans decided to rush the court after the Tar Heels beat...Dook. I got douche chills watching that embarrassing disaster unfold on t.v. Almost shred my diploma. There was absolutely no justification for that whatsoever, and the act has been grossly overused and abused ever since. Last night was no exception.

Such acts used to symbolize epic, hard fought games against mighty opponents; games that would be remembered for years to come. Today, there's a court-storming just about every single night and several during the weekends. Arguably the worst in history occurred when Wake knocked off NO. 18 NC State. Really?

One can only assume that a lot of today's fans/students aren't attuned to the current, evenly-matched landscape of college basketball, are ignorant of its history, or they just don't know their team all that well. UVa entered the day as a two-point underdog, but by day's end a lot of books had them as a one-point favorite. They also carried an eighteen game home win streak into last night. Seems like everybody outside of JPJ Arena viewed the Cavs as the favorite to win the game. I thought it was more realistic to have them sitting at -3 or -5 - you know, the outcome. Again, if your team is favored to win, why are you acting like a barbarian?Duke is pretty good, but so is UVa. Dook is second in the conference and UVa is tied for third. You can call it an "upset" in that Duke is/was ranked 3 in the country, but there's very little that separates any of the teams in the Top 25. Christ, Stephen F. Austin is about to make its debut in the Top 25. What does that say about college basketball in 2013? You can argue that there are about fifteen, maybe sixteen teams that have a legit shot at winning the NCAA championship.

So, I'm still wondering exactly why UVa fans rushed the court, but I'm also wondering why UNC fans did the same thing back in 2011. Nothing makes sense anymore in college basketball.


Cincy Who concert: Girlfriend of the time and I had tickets. Didn't go, at the last minute. Can't recall why, but very glad we changed our minds when we turned on the TV the next morning.

Haven't thought about it in years.

Account Deleted

What Prell said.


>>"What Prell said."


How many people at these games are fans and how many are just looking for an excuse?

I get college loyalty. Lord knows I went to enough of them before I found one that would give me a degree. But, that excited about a game? Come on.


Did anyone happen to see coverage of the end to the #4 Michigan @ Penn State game? It was pretty embarrassing. PSU won the game and it was their first, and likely last, conference win of the season. Rush the court? OK, sure, but the overwhelming majority of students/fans who rushed the court started filling-up the stands with less than five minutes in the game. Buzzer sounds and mayhem ensues as the Nittany faithful celebrated an unlikely win with their beloved team.

I'm not opposed to the concept of students storming a basketball court or football field, but it happens way too often these days and in most cases, it makes no sense. Perhaps today's college students consider it a right of passage? No college experience is complete without rushing the court or tearing down a goalpost, no matter the strength of the opponent? I get why TCU students rushed the court after they beat Kansas. Same with Wake last weekend when they beat #2 Miami. TCU and Wake are cellar dwellers whose seasons ended before they began. UVa beats the '91, '92, '99, or '01 Dook team? Rush the court all you want. But in yesterday's case, a pretty solid and well-coached UVa team beat a Dook team that is far from great and wasn't favored by much at all.

My takeaway was that UVa students and fans don't know a whole lot about their team and/or the current Dook squad. If you're expected to win or play a tight game at home as was the case last night, then there's no need to rush the court. If you suck really bad, capture lightning in a bottle, and score an upset over a superior team? Storm the court. That's the way it used to be.


I didn't realize till sports center, even the dookies were trying to storm the court after beating Carolina last week, but Coach Krybaby waved them off.

Ed Cone

Hard to fault sports fans, esp. college kids, for being excited at a big win, but, yes, act like you've been there before, and, also, the safety/confrontation issue is real.

If this trend continues, it will not end well.

It's a version of what in college we called the Teo Game, named for our friend Teo, who once stood outside our apartment building tossing a football at the narrow brick area between two windows. The only possible outcomes were for Teo to quit, or a window to break. Guess which one happened.

Original Bubba

Wow. How about" Lighten up Francis". Good thing youth is wasted on the young.

UVA correspondent

As someone who is keyed into college basketball and has watched the top 25 shift I am aware of the high caliber of teams this year. You may think the storming of the court was unnecessary and happens too often and that this wasn't a big game but heres how the game was perceived by the students.

UVA is continually passed over and underrated. People don't find our defense heavy style as entertaining as the fast paced styles of Duke and Carolina or as we call it Pacism. To be fair we have had atrocious losses such as the ODU game. This game was our chance to prove we deserved a spot in NCAA team to finally get people to talk about UVA and its fabulous players such as Joe Harris. This game was a big deal for the Hoos whether we were favored or not to the fans it didn't matter what the experts said. It was Duke it was a potential player of the year we shut down and highly ranked team. It means more to us than a line in Vegas. It meant putting our team on the map getting Joe and Akil the respect they deserve. It was the first time in the Tony Bennett era we have beaten duke and that meant something to us. I don't care if we were favored unranked beating ranked is important especially when it moves you from the bubble.

Maybe if we stormed the court when we beat NC State is would have been unacceptable but I stand by my school. It was a big deal for us to beat and elite team like that. It is a shame that people are focusing more of Coach K hissy fit cause he got beat fair and square rather than the spectacular performance by the defense and Joe's beautiful 36 points.

Look at it from the perspective of 18-22 year olds. We don't care about what experts claim is an upset we just wanted to celebrate something that hadn't happened in a long time. In the end i understand safety is a concern and I understand storming the court is dangerous but that was a once in a life time game for the students. So remember we are young and love basketball and for us that was a special night.

Ed Cone



"we are young and love basketball"

+ another 1


"It was a big deal for us to beat and elite team like that."

You beat an elite program. You didn't beat an elite team. There's absolutely nothing "elite" about this Dook team. The fans who stormed the court at UHall on 2/14/2001 bore witness to a team that beat an elite team. That's a justified court-storm. Unless UVa makes a deep run in March or Dook cuts the nets down in April - both of which I wouldn't bet on - that win won't be remembered three or four years from now.

The best way to say "F*** You" to your "better" opponent is to stay in the stands. Why? Because you're better than them and were supposed to win.....as was the case last night. Home teams always have the upper hand in today's game.

But I get it. I too went to college and apparently stormed to the field at Kenan after a victory over Miami, although I have no recollection. However, it's hard to argue against the fact that court-storming has gotten tired and is nothing like it used to be.


Just more of that old tyme liberal temperance movement at Cone's...

Andrew Brod

I blame Keynes.


'Bout time.

Danny Wright

(Punks, all of you! Complaining about kids storming the court - child's play!) I spent my freshman year at the University at St. Andrews in Scotland, making my way on the weekends to Tannadice to see Dundee United take on either Rangers or Celtic. Religion matters, especially if you're the wrong type of Christian.

Most days, we had to be careful for the sneak attack before the match started -- usually in the form of an 8 year-old sent ahead of a pack of drunken yobs trying to instigate something with the hopes that the poor kid would get smacked and in turn give those dozen or so perpetually angry brick masons all the reason in their small worlds to set matters straight before entering the park. Once the game started, since there weren't any seats installed on the concrete terraces, we faced the double-edged sword of the home team scoring. We loved a goal, but we also knew at that point everyone in the back would rush forward towards the front, pushing the rest forward and down the terrace at the same time. It was always good for a laugh after the temporary suffocation ended. The fun was only getting started DURING the match, of course. Afterward, not only did we have to contend with idiots in either blue or green, but the police took to horseback and derived all sorts of pleasure terrorizing both groups.

The city of Dundee was unique, of course. Simply Google Earth the place, which is about the size of Durham, and you will see clearly that the two arch-rival teams calling the city home have their stadiums a mere 200 yards apart. Duke and UNC might as well be on opposite sides of the Earth. It is a rare form of civic planning genius. Of course it meant that when, on the same day, Rangers came to town to face one team and Celtic came to town to face the other, there were 4 different sets of fans who were all just a bit suspicious of each other, to put it mildly.

The best story happened a year later. During the First Gulf War, US airlines seemed to think that Saddam was going to target them, so plane fares fell through the floor. I picked up a cheap Northwest ticket, which meant flying into and out of Glasgow, pit of the western world. Upon leaving St. Andrews after a wonderful week of visiting old friends, I was told by someone from Troon not to venture out of my hotel in Glasgow the night before my return flight to the US. He further explained I might wander into the wrong neighborhood. Again, this sentiment was expressed along sectarian lines. Feeling clever, I remarked that I would simply tell anyone who asked that I was Jewish.

Without batting an eye, he asked, "Protestant Jewish or Catholic Jewish?"

Comparatively, there's little if any malice in storming the hardwood. You might as well do it now -- when Ryan Kelly comes back, it's over for everyone.


If you don't get to storm the court when you beat # 3 and it's Dook, you probably never will storm the court. So hell yes, storm the court! I thought it was justified and love having it at Dook' s expense. To hear K whine and get caught up in hurling F bombs with fans makes it even better.


Prell, the Gameday crew was saying that there are about 5-6 programs that should NEVER storm the court. Most wear a shade of blue. Glad you survived Kenan, I was still in the stands and that mayhem skeered me.

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