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Feb 06, 2013


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Ah, but if we only knew what they knew!

Oh, wait......they didn't know what they knew.

Where's Lorraine Ahern? I'm sure she can straighten all of us out, and get the witch hunt meme and associated talking points right for everyone.

Jerry Bledsoe

It should be noted that anybody can read about this recording in context in Cops in Black & White, Part 40 at http://greensboro.rhinotimes.com/1editorialbody.lasso?-token.folder=2007-09-20&-token.story=162700.112113&-token.subpub= which appeared on Sept. 20, 2007 in the Rhino Times. It's tragic that the News & Record remains so out of touch with reality.

ben holder

Good point, Mr. Bledsoe. It should also be noted that the public had these transcripts available for some time. The city had a link to the transcripts in 2007. The link is now dead.


I found the comments most interesting. Tony Wilkins may want to go find some medicine becuase he is showing nospineatall symptoms.

sal leone

The City does not know how to handle a police department, first mistake, too many chiefs and no indians. The Police dept has too many bosses, assit city manager, then the city manager, then the chief, then the council. The majority never did a day on patrol and dont know what police do.

Chief Wray made one fatal mistake, not calling the SBI to investigate Hinson. The City Manager, Johnson played to City Council but found himself getting the boot. The Council brings in new people in hopes of calming things down, Young and Bellamy but these two failed. The City now again has failed in hiring a staff that has vision and able to get the job done. There is hope in Chief Miller, I think he can do positive stuff but he needs to be able to do his job without all the strings.
The City Council needs change and City Staff also. We need new council members, not the same old cats, because you get the same old problems. I would hire a new City Manager and City Lawyer and replace a few Assit Managers also.
I know people are going to say there are good Council Members, then explain why we have the same problems. There are good people on council but are they effective, have any vision, you tell me, all I see is increase spending on nonsense.


There are exceptions to the rule of media in this city. YES! Weekly, this blog by Ed Cone, Roch Smith and a few other hardy souls. They are doing the hard work.

The rest of this city's media is patently useless. And I mean useless in the definition given by the strip club owner in "Kill Bill II."

The lazy, incompetent and amateurish "journalism" perpetrated by this city's daily newspaper and the TV station on Phillips Ave. border on the criminally negligent.

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