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Feb 01, 2013


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Patrick Eakes

Interesting story I have heard from a reliable source. The white manager of the Woolworths knew the students were coming and decided if any black were to be the first to be served at that counter, it would be a black waitress who worked there. And that is apparently what happened, earlier in the day before the Greensboro Four arrived.


I sat next to Frank McCain Jr. for a couple years at Merrill Lynch
in the late 1990's.

Lee Kinard wrote a book...

I hear the Colored only stairs and seats
are still at the Carolina Theater.

I still run into people who say N.....

I run into a whole lot more who don't than ever before
more often.

I know a guy who sometimes says N.....
who voted for Obama and had a sign in his yard.

Greensboro, North Carolina


A buddy of mine is dying.

He got stents about 10 years ago when he had health insurance.

Now he doesn't, needs $100,000 of re-fixing,
and won't put his wife through bankruptcy to survive.

Courage seems relative sometimes.

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