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Feb 25, 2013


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I'm confused. Is the student in question before the Honor Court because she claimed she was raped and wasn't? For some reason, the Jezebel story won't load on my laptop.


Prell, per Jezebel,the student is one of the students named in a complaint filed last month with the Department of Education by Melinda Manning, a former UNC assistant dean, current and former students, naming more than 60 assault victims. It alleges the university pressured Manning into underreporting sexual assaults, thereby violating several laws.

The student is one those named.

She told The Daily Tarheel: "It's incredibly clear that those people had no idea what sexual assault is, what consent is... They were not only offensive and inappropriate, but they were so victim-blaming. They made it seem like my assault was completely my fault."

Her alleged attacker was her then-boyfriend. She has not identified him by name.

After the complaint was filed with DoE, the student received a letter from Elizabeth Ireland, identified by Jezebel as Graduate & Professional Schools Student Attorney General at UNC, stating the student was in "possible violation of the Honor Code on which you are listed as the reporting party." Ireland has since referred the student to the Honor Court. She is charged with "Disruptive or intimidating behavior that willfully abuses, disparages, or otherwise interferes with another..."

Here's The Daily Tarheel on the original complaint to DoE.

I am unclear why sexual assault cases involving UNC students are not handled in the criminal courts, rather than an Honor Court.

Steve Harrison

Corbs, I think the Honor Court only came into play to address the girl's outspoken behavior. That said, there was another dubious gathering of students and faculty that heard her original complaint, and that's from where a lot of the complaints stem.

But your question about the missing criminal court is still relevant. Not sure if the victims have a choice to pursue redress in one or the other, but they should.


Blame Butch.

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