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Feb 09, 2013


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I don't know how the fat cats can accept that money in good conscience -- a food and beverage tax funneled to the wealthy? Unconscionable.

As someone suggested to me this morning, if the argument is that the team generates significant economic impact, tax the economic impact where it is discernible: vendors, tickets, licensing, merchandise, etc. not the poor slobs at the farthest conceivable end of the trickle who are buying life-sustaining necessities.

They have no shame.


Let them move. The sports stadium racket is the most blatant of the corporate welfare schemes.


I am all for ending your government welfare benefits except for those I deserve and have paid for through job creation and wealth building. I guess the better question is who can I get to fund my lifestyle and add to my net worth - perhaps the taxpayers really want to see a sports stadium from a distance cause its likely most of those paying will never sit inside during an NFL game.

Andrew Brod

If the criterion for deserving corporate welfare is past job and wealth creation, then Charlotte qualifies. It's been a job-creating machine for years.

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