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Feb 14, 2013


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Why can't people just pay country club dues like the rest of us?

Joe Killian

Don't think any of them have said they're disappointed they're not turning a profit, but several of them have said they're disappointed that the parks aren't breaking even.

At least two commissioners have stressed that the county shouldn't pay for anything it isn't mandated to do and parks aren't mandated.


Since when do parks turn a profit?

The County got in the Parks business 25 years with Bur-Mill and Triad. Now they want to get out?

Good luck with that.

formerly gt

let's see this week Ed has posted about problems with county mental healthcare, the CF that is the new state medicaid claims system, concerns about industry using govt to manipulate land rights, and this.

But many of the same people jumping on these issues believe that govt run healthcare is going to be great. I just don't get it.

Ed Cone

Would you feel better if I posted about interstate highways, the Marines, and laying the groundwork for the internet -- things our government does well?


I'm a very big fan of parks and gardens, but if the County has to choose between funding parks and helping people, I hope they choose people.

TBill Yaner

Parks are all about people, Michele. Your dichotomy is a false one.


"Would you feel better if I posted about interstate highways, the Marines, and laying the groundwork for the internet -- things our government does well?"



I tried to link my May 16, 2012 letter to the N & R editor where I said, I told you so............ Bur could not.

"Parks are all about people, Michele."

I don't even know what that means. I do know that parks do not provide people with medical, mental health or substance abuse treatment. Services have already been cut, but the need is growing.

sal leone

I will have to side with Michelle, parks are nice but we actually lose money by not investing in mental health. Lets start by looking at the recent lawsuit payout with the jail, lets look at what it cost to house a person in jail, around $60 per day. I say it is cheaper to help people outside of jail than in.

I like parks but the parks are a want and not a need. We need to help people first.


What a crock of exactly what most people expected. Take the parks back and then immediately begin discussions on limiting or closing same parks. If it wern't gubmint I would be shocked.

Is it really as simple as "parks or people"? Are there no other choices? Does mental health care really cost less than $60 a day?
Can parks still be considered a "want" if you already own them? Are Parks and Rec employees not people too?


Infuriating is that my beloved Hagan Stone park was "sold" by The City of Greensboro to the county for a $1. Wonder if we can buy it back?


"Is it really as simple as "parks or people"? Are there no other choices?"

The purpose of government is public safety.

We, the county, has borrowed more than can be repaid by current revenues and taxation.

The debt was promoted by the Greensboro Partnership and the News & Record.

I believe the county should eliminate taxpayer funding for the partnership and the paper before cutting back on parks.

This year or next, the state will most likely cut transfer payments to local municipalities once the global recession kicks in, as many more will collectively understand what a mess our is economy is in.

They look like they are cutting unemployment benefits and raising business taxes.

Our recovery is a facade created by central money creation.

Assets are mis-priced on a global level as the 2008 financial crises has morphed into a currency/trade war, which almost always leads to hot wars.

France Plans To Prohibit Cash Payments Over €1,000 to increase taxation revenues from the black market. Expect the same here at some point.

“The ... deficit has never fallen as fast as it’s falling now without a coincident recession.”

Investors Biz Daily
We are going into negative growth. Our federal, state and local economic assumptions include 2-4% positive growth, meaning what these governments are estimating for tax revenues is pretty way off.

The more unemployed without benefits and passifying pharma, the more crime.

Parks don't commit crime.

sal leone

Hi, Mick
You make some interesting points, I am all for parks but the County is in a mess.


We are somewhat in agreement there.

BTW... good article in Rhino about Grimsley Pool.

formerly gt

"Would you feel better if I posted about interstate highways, the Marines, and laying the groundwork for the internet -- things our government does well?"


No. Although I do believe in giving govt credit when they do a good job.

But, I would feel better if you'd realize that the experiences with the NC Medicare claims system and the county mental HC are much more relevant to the govts ability to deliver HC than the fed's capabilities to provide for the common defense.

that's just one thing.

Ed Cone

Maybe it would be more of a worry if the plan was for the government to deliver healthcare.

The government does health insurance pretty well, actually. I wish the plan now in place involved more of that.


The government health care plan in place is bankrupting our nation.


Visit to Northeast Park over the weekend revealed that County is spending 1.3 million dollars on a Carousel (did they get the one the Weaver Foundation proposed for downtown?) and a miniature choo-choo train loop. Oh, and a putt putt course straight out of 1975.

Seems the County might be confusing parks with a Time Out Fun Center.

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