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Feb 05, 2013


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David Hoggard

The proposal will put a big hurtin' on us job creators because employers will shoulder the additional payback burden. The Fed unemployment rate was already doubled last year, from .03% to .06%. Just wrote a check for the new tax.

Remind me again... who, exactly, is supposed to be looking out for small businesses? Wasn't the Dems. Isn't the Repubs.

Little known facts about employer paid unemployment insurance:

I, as the owner/employee, must pay unemployment insurance on myself. No opt out. The only way I can figure that I could ever collect on what I pay for is to fire or lay myself off. Can't happen. Getting rid of THAT would help small businesses.

Unemployment insurance taxes are paid on the first $20,900 of each employees income (including mine). This front loads the first two quarters of the year and cripples cash flow. Finding a way to smooth out the front loading... THAT would help small businesses.

I could go on... but obviously neither the Dems or Repubs truly give a crap.

David Hoggard

Of course, the proposal I am railing against is found in the link to Ribar's post. Medicaid needs fixin', too. Sorry to have gotten on an off-topic high horse.

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