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Feb 12, 2013


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David Hoggard

Good for the fans.

On, possibly, a related note:

Was speaking with a great friend of mine today who is a long time Boy Scout leader. He has headed up their annual food drive for about a decade and the collection of that drive was this past weekend. (They leave the bags on your porch for later pick up)

When I asked him how it went, he reported that the the haul was way down this year (like 1/3rd). When I asked if they had any theory as to why, he admitted they were at a loss for a reason.

With all of the publicity surrounding gay kids and the Boy Scouts, I asked if they had considered some passive, silent, non-participatory boycott as a contributing reason. He responded, "If so, they are idiots".

(In his defense, what he meant - I'm sure - was: He's hoping people aren't spiteful enough to deny food to the needy to make a point to the Scouts regarding their recently publicized indecision on whether or not to allow gay boys to participate in Scouting)

Personally, I believe it is entirely possible that there was at least some correlation. The reaction to Card's hiring is evidence that people are paying attention to such things. It is the American Way.


I just don't keep a lot of canned food. I see hardly any reason for it, besides tuna. The scouts might be better off asking for a few bucks, and the hungry, too.

Semi-related: Those Girl Scout cookies are loaded with fat. They need to come up with some healthier recipes. If a 7-year-old Girl Scout ate three of those cookies I bet she would surpass her recommended saturated fat for the day.

Joe Killian

Zeus Comics in Dallas is the first comic shop in the country to announce they aren't carrying Card's book, citing his statements about gays and lesbians.

They're getting congratulations from some big name comics pros for it.

There are two comics shops here in Card's hometown - Acme Comics and Parts Unknown.

Will be interesting to see where they end up on this.

I'm betting both shops end up carrying the book.

But I could be wrong.


"When I asked him how it went, he reported that the the haul was way down this year (like 1/3rd). "

Let's rule out a crappy economy, inflation and no prospect of immediate improvement.

Ed Cone

Re the food drive, I came home and saw a plastic bag stuck on my mailbox, said, huh, that's spam on the verge of litter, and threw it away without thinking twice. And I like to support local scouts.


Me too.

Joe Killian

When I picked up my books this morning, the good folks at Acme Comics made an interesting point about the Orson Scott Card/Superman thing that is definitely being overlooked: "The Adventures of Superman" is an anthology book. The work of other artists and writers, including some really great people, is going to be hurt by a boycott. They don't have anything to do with the controversy.

Something for consumers to think about or something for DC to think about? Depends on your perspective. But an excellent point none the less.

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