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Feb 15, 2013


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I received a $15 parking ticket in the courthouse lot next to the Melvin building.

I paid the ticket via computerized auto bill pay.

A month later or so, I got a bill from a collection agency MBS or something, for $40.

I looked it up and my check was returned.

I got another parking ticket last week.

After going downtown quite a bit over the last few years, I have found the parking enforcement never more enforced btw...

Some restaurant owners are pretty pissed about it.

So I called in and was told that in general, auto bill pay doesn't work.

I suggested they inform someone to alert ticket payers that it doesn't work, so more people won't make the same undoable actions.

They said the upper ups already knew.

I asked what was being done about it.

They said nothing.

I asked to speak with those who receive comments from the public that is documented in the IFYI.

I spoke to them.

The comment didn't show up on this week's report or last weeks.


"watts of electricity annually"
Watts is a measure of power, not energy.

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