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Feb 07, 2013


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formerly gt

"in a purplish state that is fickle about its Senate seats"

i'm not sure that the nc electorate is all that fickle.

in pres election years, it's pretty clear. since 1980, the candidate from the party that won the nc pres election also won the senate seat.

the voters are a bit fickle in the midterm elections. but since 1980 the only conservative R to lose a senate election is Lauch Faircloth - who lost to one of the biggest phonys in NC history. and Lauch was about as bad a candidate as there was.

my bet is that a thoughtful, intelligent conservative would send kay packing. but given a choice between a moderate r and a moderate d, the nc voters will choose the d every time.


Given that districting doesn't play into whether she gets elected or not, she has a better than average chance to be reelected, BUT it won't be easy and it WILL be close. Last election, NC voted 51% democrat, 49% republican. Without redistricting, I would expect our Reps would more closely match that parity and look a bit more purple.

Entertaining as the Rove vs Tea Party show may be -- and if you like watching old white dudes break shit, it's a better bet than the new flops by Ahnuld and Sly

...post racial racism.

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