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Feb 20, 2013


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Anyone have a "Board Members down the left hand side of the page" metaphor?


It should not have been surprising. They all but alluded to the fact this was forthcoming when they reluctantly let them carry over funds from last fiscal year into this current year. The discussion at that meeting was lengthy and was clear that the Council was not happy with DGI... DGI needs competition to improve. Their ideas are indeed stale. They are quick to point to numbers but provide no substance that they played any significant role...what they do prove is that they can add numbers. To Ed, and Tom Taylor and all the DGI people that showed up when Downtown Alliance Greensboro was launched two years agont, these same points were made then. Eric has more than adequately summed them up in his manifesto. This action, regardless of whether DGI thinks it is deserved, is necessary and needed in order to move downtown forward and create a downtown that truly reflects the hopes and dreams of the entire city and not just the downtown business and property owners.


From Tom Taylor on the N&R site:

"I am a downtown resident, property owner and business owner and I appreciate all that DGI does for downtown. Since DGI started in 1997 we have seen tremendous growth including many restaurants, bars and clubs, NewBridge Bank Park, Center City Park, the start of the downtown greenway, and most recently an increase in condos (Center Pointe) and apartments (City View and the Greenway at Fisher Park). Now we have Deep Roots market getting ready to open and our downtown is gaining strength. DGI can't take credit for all those developments, but would they have happened without having an organization like DGI in place? I don't think so. The city council needs to back off and stop trying to micro manage our downtown management group."

Tom, can DGI actually take credit for any of that happening? I'm pretty sure most of it happened in spite of DGI. Oh, and DGI has a contract with the City to perform certain duties. If the City doesn't like it, it is perfectly within their purview to not renew that contract. Why is that micro-managing?

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