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Feb 23, 2013


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Issues of micromanaging school curricula aside, kids who really do have ADD/ADHD have a great deal of trouble learning cursive; some never do. Does the legislature intend to carve out an exception for them, or will it just beat them over the head with a bad grade in a skill they'll never really need?


I'm left handed. My cursive sucks and always has. I hate erasable pens, too...when I use those I do nothing but smear the paper and end up with ink all over my hand.


This was such a great state until the Republican's took over. The legislature and governor did nothing but great things.

But now it is so awful that some people have been reduced to bitching and whining about everything that happens in Raleigh, including such controversial things as teaching cursive.

Where is Bev Perdue, Jim Black, and Mike Easley when you need them?

Dave Dobson

And Spag once again ignores the issue raised, instead talking about past Democrats. If EdCone.com had a drinking game, that would be a sip.


No, I get the issue. We shouldn't be teaching cursive. I have also been around long enough to know that if this was a Democratic bill, Ed wouldn't have posted about it.

It's actually funny witnessing the whining over every legislative proposal that comes down the pike now that the GOP controls the state. Everyday there is some new overblown complaint, often about matters as trivial as this.

I'm not the partisan for pointing it out. The partisanship is clear from the content and increase in volume of complaints since McCrory became governor and Democrats no longer have the veto as a firewall.

Ed Cone

"We shouldn't be teaching cursive." That's actually an open question, isn't it?

Probably not one best addressed by state legislators, though.



Really? Cursive?

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