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Feb 15, 2013


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Account Deleted

"Who you jiving with that cosmik debris?"


More video's and explainers at Phil Plait's place.

Meanwhile, I read someplace that the 17,000 mile miss by the rock that skims by today translates to a 15-minute miss. I.e., if rock arrives 15 minutes earlier or planet moves along just an itsy-bitsy bit faster...


viewed from a different angle.


I don't get it, Sam Pickens wasn't a Nork.


Legend has it, Slim once failed, after 72 turns, to take Ural from Steve McQueen while playing Risk during the filming of "The Getaway."


I'm not convinced it's natural, yet.

I'm comparing it to the Norway Spiral at this point.


I blame Global Warming.


@ Bubba

Just imagine if we had been subject to global warming in the 60's... the thing could have been forced from the warming heavens during the Bay of Pigs and the resultant nuclear winter could have cancelled out the global warming that was to follow.

...missed opportunities.


I blame Obama.


I blame Obama for missed opportunities, too.

Imagine an economy that thrives, with full employment, and policies focused on growth, with economic opportunity instead of stagnation, and a society devoted to the betterment of all our citizens.

Instead, we continue to suffer from policies and procedures devoted to increasing government power and control and to the further marginalization of citizens.

I'm glad we agree.

Andrew Brod

Going from an object that fell from the heavens to Obama's economic policies has to win the Change The Subject award, at least for this week.

Here's someone who thinks like Bubba.


Gee, you don't think the meteorite episode could have been caused by global warming, Arnold?

Someone else does:

"While reading headlines about the meteor shower in central Russia I wondered how quickly it would be before somebody tied the shower to global warming.

So I did the natural thing: I turned to Google.

And while no one had yet tied the Russian shower to global warming, I found that CNN anchor Deborah Feyerick had recently tried to tie an asteroid shower to global warming."

Poli suggested there were missed opportunities, Ged blamed Obama, and I responded with Obama's failures in the missed opportunity category.

Even you should be capable of following that progression.


Ed did say it's "not just another sky-is-falling post".

While it's Tunguska all over again in Russia, it's 1937 all over again in the US.

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