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Feb 26, 2013


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Disappointing, but not surprising. But what about this - "Simply stated, Keystone XL is a way to get Canadian oil out of the United States, not into it" and the grossly inflated jobs numbers?


Keystone Pipeline = Less business for Warren Buffet's railroad.

Warren made a mint keeping it from happening.

Don't expect our paper of record to disclose the conflict.

They certainly didn't on the P&G incentive.

This has been a D snow-job to appease a crony supporter.

Fred Gregory

Whoopee do do.

As Joe Guarino said "over the next the next 20 months, I think Hagan is going to be distancing herself from Obama increasingly to get herself reelected. I think her position on the pipeline is an early example. The MSM in North Carolina will breathlessly cite these instances as examples of her moderation. Then, if she gets re-elected, she will be back to business as usual– way out on the far left, embracing socialism and cultural relativism. When we see her moderate on certain issues over the next 20 months, it is all a cynical political ploy. Her re-election campaign has officially begun."

And now it becomes clear why she signed the meaningless letter.

It was a shallow, unserious and phony gesture geared for election knowing Obama would NEVER abandon his tree hugger contingency

What an empty pantsuit !!

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