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Feb 12, 2013


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Daniel Foster

Is it naive to suggest using part of the $689,000 drug bust fund to hire a full time nurse? http://www.news-record.com/news/731977-63/sheriff-commissioners-continue-clash-over

Or will the bad situation require intervention from a Raleigh leadership that is meanwhile demonstrating its reluctance to fund basic human services considered "a great risk to the taxpayers?"

Too broken to ignore; too broke to fix.


Monarch, which contracted with Sandhills to provide mental health services in Greensboro, is not offering financial assistance with psych meds. Previously, Guilford Center offered meds at lower prices and provided free meds for homeless people (and maybe others, as well -- it was based on income). Our StreetWatch team is finding that some homeless people are now going without medicine for bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, PTSD, depression and other mental illnesses that can result in them harming themselves or others, and/or engaging in other criminal behavior. This is a serious problem. From a cost/benefit perspective, it's less expensive to subsidize meds than to pay for jail beds. And it's inhumane to allow mentally ill people to suffer because they're poor.

Joe Killian

There were reader responses in the form of phone calls, e-mails and social media comments.

None on the website.

Which, yeah, has been the trend since the comment system changed.

Will say this, though: on the few stories on which I've had several comments since the change, several of those comments have been from trolls who just have their facts wrong and whose goal just seems to be offensive.

So, not sure we totally cleared up that problem either. Now I just know their names.


"It's inhumane to allow mentally ill people to suffer because they're poor."

"Too broken to ignore; too broke to fix."

Means based morality.
Comments that disappear at the leisure of Robin Saul are of little value Joe.

FYI Joe, I here a third party is going to do the investigative journalism the N&R refused to do on revaluations.

Be prepared for some scrutiny on what was blatantly ignored by your publication.

How can the stories already written with the comments be accessed?

This journalistic malpractice needs to be exposed.

Expect some phone calls.

Ed Cone

George, I agree that the N&R's broken comment system is a real problem, and that the loss of old comments is, well, a loss.

But it wasn't a plot to silence the people, it was a systems disaster overseen by a publisher who repeatedly showed his lack of understanding of the technology that is remaking his industry.

The N&R followed its promising early online forays with years of incompetence, underinvestment, linkrot, and negligence. The new $1.98 revamp is just the latest horror story. And the absentee owners let their man on Market Street do it as long as the money kept coming in.

That's actually a more depressing story than the one at which you hint, and it has the virtue of being true.


If the stories and comments were eliminated once I would agree with you Ed.

This is twice.

The first was after the miss on Wray.

Now this.

How are voters supposed to research who to vote for, if the paper eliminated easy access to the information?

Fool me once...

Joe Killian


I'm not any happier than you are about all that disappearing (for one thing, it'd be nice to be able to Google some of my past work) and not sure there's any way to access what was on the old site.

Anybody is free to do an investigative piece on revaluation and I'll look forward to reading it. But let's give credit where it's due. It was the N&R, The Rhino, Yes, The Peacemaker, and all of the television and radio stations that didn't do what you wanted done on revaluation. We're all covering the county at the same time.


"It was the N&R, The Rhino, Yes, The Peacemaker, and all of the television and radio stations that didn't do what you wanted done on revaluation."


Never interviewed Andy Moncla, who did the analysis of Guilford's data.

Never looked into the NC State Sales Ratio and the counties which revalued in the same year.

Never looked into Mecklenburg County's reval audit.

Never got the questions answered by the Guilford Tax department on the modifiers used in the computer programs cited in the Mecklenburg reval audit report.

Never looked at how many non-arms length transactions counted how much for which value ranges.

And now all the reporting you did do and the comments made in response are gone.

Our local media didn't do their jobs.

Now it will be investigated by a third party and presented to the commissioners and the community.

Think you'll be allowed to cover it Joe?

Joe Killian

You bring it to a meeting, I'll cover it.

Until then you may have noticed I'm a little busy covering poor, mentally ill people dying on the county's watch after cuts to the services that were supposed to help them specifically -- and what it's costing the county as a whole when that happens.

So lemme get back to failing the community for now...


Sorry to have offended, but we have had little accountability.

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