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Feb 05, 2013


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Bill Cunningham

Tough sell to a white boy like you Eddie burdened with your racial guilt complex.. You are so freaking predictable and have been throughout this whole unfortunate debacle . Lets say as predictaable as Lorraine Ahearn and Tom " If You Knew What we Knew " Phillips. How did that work out?

Scott Sanders was a victim of discrimination. Indicted for being white while investigating a wrong black officer. A jury nullified that injustice , now the city needs to make him, Tom Fox and David Wray whole.

A stretch.. not so much.

The city has been intimidated... promoting Hinson
was an act of cowardice. The Chief is feckless.

Bellamy rode off into the sunset with his reward while others were left to live with the mess left by Mitchell Johnson. Sigh !

Fullmore et al struck out in their lawsuit against the Rhino Times and Jerry Bledsoe. Right prevailed.

To be continued....


"Even with racial politics as a context, "because he is white" seems like a really tough sell."

Because modern racial politics are slanted to the protection of minorities to the extent it's nearly impossible for a majority to win a discrimination case.


I could write a lot about the Wray case, but I also think that a post on the Administration authorizing drones to kill American citizens is worthy of discussion.

Lots of hypocrisy there. Maybe that explains the chirps. Not Bush, not important. Can somebody summon all of that outrage again?

I suspect the summary judgment fails and Wray gets a jury trial. No valid reason for his ouster has been presented so a jury should be able to consider his argument that it was racial. One question on summary judgment would be whether Wray was constructively fired, but I'm not certain he even has to prove that. If he can show that even the administrative leave was unwarranted, then it might not matter that he resigned.

But again, where are the hyperventilating blowhards on the drone thing?

sal leone

There were a lot of mistakes here in the Wray/Johnson affair. The first one was Wray not calling the SBI and letting them investigate Hinson who from everyone I talk to shady. The second mistake was Johnson getting involved in police matters when he knows nonthing about police workings. The other mistake Johnson made was listening to people who know nonthing about nonthing.

The end result is we the tax payer will pay, Hinson got promoted and will get settlements from the city on our backs because are government can't do nonthing right.

David Hoggard

"...where are the hyperventilating blowhards on the drone thing?"

I'm guessing they are over at your blog commenting on your post on the subject.

I don't believe Ed mentioned the Super Bowl or N Korea's recent rocket attack video either - among many other items. Is EdCone your only outlet for news and commentary? I found several other outlets who wrote about that terrible policy, and they even allow comments. Try Drudge for starters... he never mentions Bush.


Hey Sal, I saw you on TV last night. Are you trying to join the Greensboro PD?


I had the pleasure of meeting Sal last night -- nice guy.

Brian Clarey

So according to Wray, there *is* a black book.

sal leone

Thanks Roch, good meeting you, changes things you a nice guy.
No Hugh not joining the GPD, not sure I could even pass the running part,lol.

Hugh that are good thing GPD is doing and the whole department should not be kicked down for the actions of a few or a unit. I do not agree with the watching of citizens, the unit should be watching the criminal elements like it was designed too. The police should not be watching and wasting their time on blogs, blogs are just comments and how people are feeling, no big threat there.
I think we just need to look at the good work that GPD does also in regards to the common officer who everyday hits the street and does his or her job and is not part of drama.


"So according to Wray, there *is* a black book." -- Brian

Don't expound on that or put it in any context.


It was a line up book that happened to be black?


"But again, where are the hyperventilating blowhards on the drone thing?"

Okay, Sam. I'll bite. One of the tactical problems that we (and a few others throughout history) have encountered in Afghanistan has to do with terrain. The Hindu Kush is (to say the least) unyielding and unforgiving for any assault force trying to carry out an operation, and drones have helped to even that playing field.

All that said, they're not quite as "surgical" as some would have us believe. That has more to do with gaps in intelligence than it does mechanical/design flaws, but it's still an issue. You can't claim to have "saved" a village when there's only a couple of people left alive. Drones should only be deployed when the intel is strong and the ground access is weak, but we're using them for all sorts of missions, and that simply won't work in a counter-insurgency.

As far as the targeting of American citizens, if they're actively engaged in terrorist activities, whether targeting innocent civilians or other Americans, I'm all for it. And I think it's disgusting that right-wing pundits are trying to use the word "American" in this issue to float the idea that Obama is going to eventually target their trailer park.

All that said, the guidance put forward by the DOJ is way too broad. You have to wonder, if a threat is not imminent, can you still even call it a threat? It's messy, and it will (eventually) lead to a messy result.

ben holder

"because he is white" seems like a really tough sell."

Was Hinson investigated becuase he was black? Fullmore? Brian "Baby Pictures' James? They targeted because they were black? Or was it other stuff?

Id say the "because I am black" is a tuff sell as well.

Enlighten me on the black book?

Back ops for black cops?

I am not going to keep going becuase it's useless. I will say this. Greensboro as a whole didn't learn anything from it.

ben holder


that transcript that yall are calling new was released in sept 2007.

Ed Cone

Disney rereleases movies all the time, Ben, and they're still magical.

Timeline amended in a new post. Thanks.

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