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Feb 01, 2013


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Andrew Brod

No misspelling. A buffet media group is one with numerous and varied offerings. Take your pick!

(The e-Edition has the correct spelling, though for all I know it started off incorrect and was corrected this morning.)

Andrew Brod

Once again, it would behoove me to read your permalink before trying to write something clever.


There is a lot of overlap in the N&O and Charlotte O which serve cites that are further apart in many ways than GSO and W-S. It's hard to see an end to the erosion of local color on the way to whatever these "papers" are becoming.


"My instinct is there will be ways for the two newspapers and their managers to work together to figure out where the efficiencies are."

= layoffs for overlapping positions between the two local papers.

Don Moore

They are cutting back on "T"'s. One suffices in most cases.


The redundant Mo Green headline could have used a little of the "Buffet" economy.


No need to suck up to the new owners. Allen Johnson has two, count 'em, TWO puff pieces in this mornings N&F. First, Allen sucks up (again) to Robbie Perkins and the power structure in downtown Greensboro, throwing his full support behind new proposal to make every building in Center City brand-spanking new and squeaky clean (forget what it will cost in this lovely economy). Then Allen, obviously channeling Woodward and Bernstein, lobs more softballs than a pre-school girl's tournament at Roy Carroll.

Thanks for looking out for us, Allen. Glad to know you can be counted on for giving Robbie Baby and Roy a nice big wet kiss on behalf of your readers.


I'm still waiting for Allen to acknowledge what the black book controversy was really all about, as he said we must, eventually.

I spent a long portion of my life here in Greensboro. There were some people whom I looked up to for a long time by virtue of their positions. Then I realized, positions don't matter, your credibility is what matters and I stopped looking up to those people and now find myself looking up to people who, for some reason here in Greensboro, are without acclaim or position.

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