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Jan 14, 2013


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Restricting creativity of the working class. Council members in support of this are Stalinist.


"We should be encouraging street art.

No permit, no fee."


Shirlee Murphy

Absolutely--encourage, no permit, no fee! You all knew Doc Watson surely. He got his first start busking on the streets of Boone, NC. There will never be another Doc--but before we even consider a performing arts center, lets do something really helpful for beginning artists.


If they become a problem, then Barney can tell them to "move along"............


"If they become a problem, then Barney can tell them to "move along"............"

As in non permitted busking in front of City Center Pointe, the horror.


Should it be controlled in areas where there is outdoor seating? Maybe I don't want to be serenaded while having a meal.

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