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Jan 14, 2013


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at least you weren't dancing on the ceiling

David Wharton

Isn't it fun to horrify the younger people! Keep it up. They will tell it fondly to their children.

I didn't know it was a Stevie song either, but it sure has his fingerprints all over it, doesn't it?


"Old people dancing in kitchen. Younger people horrified."

Assuming Elijah was your "correspondent" at MSG for NYE, I'm pretty sure your (and/or your s/o's) dance moves did far less harm to his eyes than what he saw happening at NYC's only (?) indoor golf course.

Ed Cone

Elijah was my MSG correspondent, while Sydney covered the Avetts in GSO. The young person in the kitchen last night was Sydney. There is a driving range at Chelsea Piers, which is kind of interesting, but I'm guessing Phish's version was more exotic.


I think this song was written around the same time Stevie did "Talking Book." There is a song on that album, "Maybe Your Baby," that is very similar to "Tell Me Something Good." Roughly the same tempo, lots of swirling clavinet and synth, plus Stevie speeds his voice up on the chorus so he kind of sounds Chaka-ish. So maybe he gave Rufus and Chaka "Tell Me" and kept "Maybe Your Baby" for himself.

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