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Jan 30, 2013


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David Hoggard

Pretty amazing, really. And a bit alarming. Liz Seymour is a harmless and gentle woman.

Also is amazing is reading that 2007 thread. Spag (CA) was as obstinate and contrary then as continues to be in 2013. But at least he is not as abrasive now as he was then... usually. I think he just likes to pick fights sometime.


Hooray, I'm not paranoid!

By FAR the Worst person on the internet

Interesting observation, David. I once became curious as to the origins as to Sam's supposed combativenes at this blog. From perusal of the archives it did not take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

Facepalm McSeriously

The old "blame society" dodge.

What's your excuse, Dr. Hayes?

David Hoggard

John... Do you just keep a cataloged index of random quips and videos for every occasion? It constantly amazes me. Quickest draw on the Google I've ever encountered.

Facepalm... Dr. Hayes can't hold a candle to Spag in that regard... and when you compare to the even more verbose polifrog?... fegetaboutit.

Andrew Brod

Good context, CP. In the first link, Spag defends poor misunderstood Mel Gibson. Are your other links as revealing?

Account Deleted

I'm not sure if I'm more surprised to find out that Abuzuaiter is a police snitch or that there are pagans in Reidsville.


"Facepalm McSeriously"

"pagans in Reidsville"

many who put up pine trees in their homes during winter solstice.
I'll be putting in a request for "hartzman" shortly.

If Ginsburg is reading this, if you come across and can access video of the Greensboro FBI office interrogation/interview room, I would like to get a copy of my meeting with an agent on the whistle stuff.

sal leone

Anyone really socked

Account Deleted

I'm surprised a Greensboro police officer spends his time monitoring "pagans in Reidsville" and wonder what it has to do with his city taxpayer financed duties ...


The Leftist and fringe blogs that are mentioned in the article contain some familiar names. Proof that Leftist and fringe are widely held and accurate descriptions.

CP, you and I have discussed this before. The alleged combativeness/abrasiveness, etc., is simply a Left wing translation of treating them the same way they treat me. The history of this blog is replete with such things. However because of groupthink, the Lefty/fringers don't hold their own to the same standard.

The number of names that I have been called over the years on this blog far outweigh anything similar I have ever called anyone else on this blog. Those attacks go unnoticed, but let me make fun of some hippies or question if Gibson is being treated differently because of his politics, and well I'm just mean spirited and combative.

Over the years, the Gibson saga has borne much fruit as many of my suspicions of double standard were confirmed.

Regardless, most liberals consider opinions that are different from their own as somehow profane, mean, and even evil.

I thought this one quote of mine from the past was particularly out of bounds and mean:

"Again, it's not the living arrangements but the wacky ideological premises that Seymour uses in its defense that I find humorous."

How dare I?

Meanwhile liberals on this blog can call people morons, imbeciles, douchebags, dipshits, and tell others to "fuck off" or "go fuck yourself" repeatedly and that is just fine.

This thread serves as a warm reminder that they live in a highly ideological fantasy land where they can pretend that only their political opponents are "mean spirited" and turn a blind eye to their own far more prevalent examples of far more egregious behavior. They are so bad that they are hypocritical about discussions of hypocrisy.

Also noteworthy in those comments that you linked to from the past are some interesting quotes from yours truly who is often accused by liberals on this blog as being a partisan, ideologue, extremist, etc:

"I have a bias for Bush, because I voted for him twice. Am I crazy about him? No. I think he's doing a very good job fighting terror at home although it could be improved even more. I don't think he's doing well in Iraq. I don't like his deficit spending even though that is decreasing, I don't like his immigration plan, and I don't like the way our federal government handled Katrina."

"I'm not some idiot like Sean Hannity who believes everything the GOP says and then spits it out to try and score points everyday as if it is unassailabe truth. He's too stupid to think for himself so he engages in political rhetoric to compensate."

"I have no person affection for Mel Gibson. I've enjoyed some of his movies. If he hates Jews, that's his problem. He's an actor/director in Hollywood that has no significance in my life. I just hope he isn't treated differently for his stupid, bigoted comments than the liberals in Hollywood are when they make stupid, bigoted comments."

"I think Coulter is an upper middle class sheltered hypocrite in many ways even though I may agree with her on many broad positions she takes."

But you all digress, this thread isn't about me.

Imagine police doing actual police work. I suppose there would be no concern at all if the article focused on infiltrating the Tea Party or monitoring Jodi Riddlebergers Facebook page.


"city taxpayer financed duties"

What should their scope be?

If they are working with other agencies on other agencies' stuff,
are the other agencies paying for their time spent
on non-Greensboro matters?

Andrew Brod

It's not easy being Spag.

Ryan Shell

I'd love to know what I did to make the list.

Ryan Shell

PS - hopefully by leaving a comment on this blog the GPD will not send an officer to monitor the diners I visit while living in NYC.


I know, Andrew. Really, I have some nerve defending myself against personal attacks. I really should enlist more people to do that for me.

Account Deleted

So who thinks Abuzuaiter will need a new social circle after today's article?


How does a confidential informant get outed? Ginsburg was on a mission and marikay is going to have a hard time xplaning this away but am sure once news and re ord gets a hold of this story it will be not be reported or watered down to a puff piece on her good deeds


She says she wasn't an informant, so there could be no outing.


Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.


From Ginsburg
"Yet for years, Abuzuaiter has been a confidential informant for the police department, forwarding information from various e-mail lists like the Peace & Justice Network and gathering intelligence at meetings.

“She was a frequent CI [confidential informant] during the Palestinian Protests,” Richey wrote on Nov. 25, 2009. “She called a few minutes ago to advise us Tim Hopkins is planning a protest for 1530 hours at Market and Elm the day after Obama announces a troop build up in Afghanistan."


It's BS like the above which is causing me to make my blog a Short Bus Free Zone.

Ben Holder

Thank God they are not watching me.


I'm not convinced that it is accurate to describe Abuzuaiter as a confidential informant. Was she paid by the PD for her info and did she attend events at the request of the PD? Or, does she have a particular concern for public safety and was sharing information with the PD as a citizen that they may not otherwise have known about so that everyone is safe. If I am not mistaken, the Community Resource Officers practically beg the community to share this type of information with them. I have done so in my own neighborhood - called the PD - when I saw something suspicious. Does this make me a confidential informant or a concerned citizen? Distinction without a difference? I'm not so sure.

Peggy Hickle

I, too, in my official capacity, have been asked to report any information I discover that might impact public safety to the unit that monitors rallies, protests, potential riotous gatherings, etc. I've never had any so it's been a moot point so far.

I do know that had I seen any of the Twitter posts that brought together the hundreds of kids who gathered at my Park and rampaged down Elm last July 4th, I would have reported it in a heartbeat.

The question is always going to be what price is too high for public safety -- and who determines the answer to that?


Ryan, they were probably tracking specific posters at your blog.

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