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Jan 11, 2013


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Patrick Eakes

I hadn't thought much about Baby Rasheed since he left Chapel Hill all those years ago, but it must be a point of pride that ever never committing a foul while wearing baby blue (although he was called for a few), he was able to set season and career records for technical fouls in the NBA.

Ed Cone

So bitter are State fans.

I don't think anyone loved the Ts, but viewed without the red-tinted glasses Wallace was one of the better and more interesting players of his time (which was, in NBA terms, Methuselahian).


Imagine if they had stayed in school and played with Jameson and Carter.

Account Deleted

Ball don't lie!

formerly gt

"So bitter are State fans."

We're just bitter people clinging to Everett Case, David Thompson and Jimmy V.

It was an interesting article. I didn't know Rashweed was still in the NBA. But then again pro basketball hasn't been fun to watch since the Cougars left town.


"We're just bitter people clinging to Everett Case, David Thompson and Jimmy V."

Sad, really. That's like a butthurt UVA fan saying he/she is bitterly "clinging" to greats like Terry Holland, Ralph Sampson and Jeff Jones (One championship aside, Jones was about as average as Jimmy V.). No doubt the "Gott-father"s name will be added to that mighty list after this legendary season!


Barry Parkhill!

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