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Jan 09, 2013


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I'll never forget finding them walking south on Elm after a ConvergeSue, following their GPS to Ganache. I disabused them of the notion and offered them a ride north, during which I offered them drugs and women. They were happy to exit the old Merc upon arrival.

Ed Cone

Them being people from BlogAds, or Miley and Lindsey?

I met the founder, Henry, at Dave Winer's first BloggerCon. Not just a long time ago in internet years, actually a long time ago.


They were just kids and no names were exchanged, only looks of fear when they discovered the left back door handle didn't work. I did my best to represent a crazed blogger.

Don Moore

I've been moderately happy with Google's Ad Sense. Last year, they started to tour and meeting with publishers to help them improve their advertising opportunities.


And there is Miley's O face in the BlogAds column today. How'd they get that by you, Ed?

Ed Cone

Gah. Apparently the BlogAds system reads "reject" as "accept."

Fixed. Thanks, T.


So what's with the spam hotlinks showing up in comments where no hot links were placed by the original poster?

Ed Cone

Sorry, Bob, not following you. Where are you seeing links?

sean coon

sounds like that's on your side, bubba.


One appeared behind the word "cheaper" in my comment on the Lawn thread. It's gone now. I saw several more behind words on other people's comments on other threads.

It might be something that came via a hidden add-on to a recent download.

Ed Cone

Yikes. Not seeing it here, hope you can kill it at your end.


I uninstalled several items I downloaded yesterday, all originally certified by Norton as "safe".

I don't see any of those strange hotlinks anywhere now.


Bubba, there is a really great free version of Avast if Norton isn't doing the job.

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