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Jan 21, 2013


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yikes. look out kids, the lawn extends to the sidewalk today.

Ed Cone

Which elements are you holding safe from criticism, Sean -- tantrums, cliches, media overkill, or unconvincing rep rehab/schmaltzfests?


As long as you weren't pulling for the Evil Empire. I'm starting to realize what it's like to be an ABCer.


criticize away, man. i'm not getting in the way of all that.

Ed Cone

Not to be too literal here, but my lawn always extends to the sidewalk. Or, more accurately, to the street, as my neighborhood lacks sidewalks. Which is another thing I like to complain about.

Kim, Elijah learned as a 9-year-old Raiders fan that life is bitter and unfair, via the Tuck Rule snow-job. So he hated the Pats for the duration of their dynasty...until he got to Wesleyan, where Belichick is revered as the most successful alum in sports. So now he's conflicted. I will confess that I was rooting against the Ravens yesterday, despite my lifetime soft spot for Baltimore teams, because of the St. Ray and Bro Harbaugh stories.


There is nothing, absolutely nothing, that could get me to root against any team playing the Patriots. Let's hope Belichick didn't learn his post-game manners at Wesleyan.


I miss Bert Jones.

Ed Cone

I miss Mike Curtis.

Told this before, but my dad was in med school in Balmer during the late '50s Unitas glory days, so I was legacied into Colts fandom from a very early age.


not to be too literal, part deux, but the sidewalk becomes the lawn in my metaphor, which means you're clipping passing tweens on scooters. knowing that you have no sidewalks in your neighborhood now explains the shitty traffic in irving park this afternoon.

the pats are done. unless rocket scientist belichick invests in real defensive backs instead of wes walker wannabes like julian edlemann, they're not going to win again with tom brady... which will be a shame... because i hate tom brady.


I'll show you my Earl Morrall autographed football one day.


+4.5 & +11 parlay = a good night sleep and a happy morning.

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