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Jan 21, 2013


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Jon Lowder

Update for you Ed. Today's W-S Journal reports that W-S City Council unanimously approved participation in the NC Next Generation Network:


The city council also unanimously approved a resolution authorizing the city’s participation in the N.C. Next Generation Network program. The program is seeking proposals from telecommunications companies for high-speed broadband services throughout the region, specifically in Winston-Salem. The program is being established by Wake Forest University, Duke University, N.C. State University and UNC Chapel Hill as part of the GiG.U initiative, which involves 37 other universities nationwide.

The goal of the program is to offer high-speed wireless service at affordable prices – about $100 a month – by building fiber networks to homes or business with speeds of one gigabit or higher per second on a wired, symmetric service. The proposal also calls for the provider to offer a slower high-speed service at a lower price for digitally disadvantaged homes. Getting the network could offer the city competitive advantages in attracting future businesses to the city.

City council members will be provided updates on the proposal and will ultimately determine whether to enter any agreements.

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