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Jan 04, 2013


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The Ben Holder

"The inspectors did not come up empty."

Haters are gonna hate.

Six signatures. Hit'em with the old inspection request formation.

Anyway, the place needed that and then some. Hopefully we can all agree that the inspections were a good thing.

TDBS said staff reported there was nothing that they could do about the Heritage House. I took that as a good time to initiate action.

This was a product of the second episode of the Mr. Holder Show. I would like to thank myself for being so creative and doing this with humor and simple basic citizen action.

Thanks for always having the IFYI up, Ed.

The Ben Holder

After reading the information Denise has produced, I think I have some information I need to share.

I remembered the petition as well as the actual episode of the Mr. Holder Show and it wasn't six signatures.


It was five. I was wrong when I said "six signatures" in my first comment. It was actually five because that is all it requires.

The memo is incorrect and hopefully Denise will correct the error. Should they report that it was only five and not six?

The Ben Holder


I also feel the need to reflect further upon this situation. I can't ignore the obvious.

1. After reviewing the second episode of the Mr. Holder Show I have come to realize that I am fat. I am a pudgy white fluffy egg white dumpling.

2. After reviewing the violations, I am sure there are some things I need to tighten up on here at Oak St. as well.

Having said that, The Mr. Holder show is never wrong. Ever.

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