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Jan 11, 2013


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The Ben Holder

Denise Turner and Sue Schwartz are horrible employees. Our city council needs to stop treating management and department heads like they are their favorite nieces and nephews working a summer job at the family business.

Denise blatantly lied to the city council about housing issues. I doubt that is the only lie she has created. She needs to hit the street along with many others.


"Denise blatantly lied to the city council about housing issues."


I certainly will not argue that Denise didn't.

As she was the lobbyist for the Greensboro Partnership which houses a great deal of TREBIC members including Roy Carroll etc..., she worked for the city when RUCO was eviscerated at the behest of landlord and development contributors.

I seem to recall Denise withing emails from, to and talking about TREBIC's Marlene Sanford on the statewide run around local opposition to getting rid of RUCO.

She certainly knew exactly what TREBIC was doing.

She oversaw the less than efficient housing admin board stacked with landlord cronies.

On Sue Schwartz, not the Cemala one, but the city employee one, I am
unaware of her connections to the housing other than taking over the department recently, which was before the really bad report came out, which I thought had her fingerprints.

Denise's husband is a Teamsters lobbyist.

Denise faces the impression of being in the pockets of those who got rid of RUCO, after all, she was effectively representing many of them within recent history.

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