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Jan 09, 2013


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Yep, tired of picking one up in the driveway every Wednesday. Didn't it used to show up in the mailbox, which was only slightly less annoying ?

Fred Gregory

I think it is illegal for anything but USPS material to be placed in your mail box, Kim ??


I believe it came as legal junk mail previously, Fred. Apparently, home delivery is now cheaper than bulk mail


Why not throw them in their parking lot? Seriously.


Wasn't trying to imply anything more than "mail" was in my mailbox, thank you bubba.

B v

Ah, so they finally started papering the West Side! Over here in Aycock we have been dealing with this for a while, and complaints to the N and R and the police both equalled "meh". Let me know how you stopped it.
Welcome to the 47%!

Kim (not the one who posted before!)

I've been getting those stupid things for a year now. I don't even look at it, it goes straight into the bin!

Dave Ribar


Have you really reached the age where you're griping about things on your lawn?

Account Deleted

Their genius carriers in the Reidsville area can't even get them in the driveway. They litter the curb and gutter along several streets in my neighborhood. I was just today thinking of calling to complain. Glad I'm not the only one.

And yes they use to be delivered in the mail on Wednesday by the USPS.

sean coon

the marketing genius who came up with that is of the same ilk that thought gaudy ads for pizza joints hooked on my front door handle was a good idea. i actually ran outside and headed one of those guys off at the pass a few months ago. too bad it wasn't the kid's boss himself.


Poor kid.


Our HOA requires a box under our mail box for such things. Seems to work fairly well.


McLeansville (the Greensboro City section) has been getting them for over a year with the same problem of littering the street on occasion. The best thing that happened for us was the switch to Thursday trash day so we can put them in the bin as we roll the can out on Wednesday night.

"Our HOA requires a box under our mail box for such things."

@Stephen, we have one and they still throw ours in the driveway.

Ed Cone

Got a polite email this morning from The Clipper, saying they'd seen my blog post and would be happy to stop delivery, and then another polite email saying they had logged my call requesting to stop delivery and would of course do so.

I appreciate the response, and recognize that the world is full of decent folks doing things their bosses make them do.

This should be an opt-in service, not an opt-out.


Can you post their number?

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