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Jan 28, 2013


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Pick your poison, no O or no D.


There are three big-time college basketball teams over here in the triangulated zone. This year, two of them are better than UNC. The anguish is palpable in the southern parts of Orange County. West Raleigh, meanwhile, is a happy place. For the moment.

Shouldn't be a surprise, really.

Ed Cone

It's good for State College to put a competitive team on the court. I tell my children it used to happen with some regularity, but I'm not sure they believe me.

Saturday night looked like men against boys for long stretches. I'm kind of enjoying this UNC team, though -- it doesn't have the sourness of the big last rebuilding year. They may even make the tourney.


Agreed. As it was, is, and always shall be; fans prefer offense, coaches will go with defense.


God Shammgod.


Thank u PJ!


Thank u Dex!

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