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Jan 10, 2013


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Work begins a little earlier and ends a little later in order to accommodate the non-negotiable afternoon walk in the woods with Huck. A year's worth have vanquished 12 lbs from my belly. It's hard to deny the the specialness of the relationship between a man and his dog.


We won't discuss my lunch menu, but this weekend... the low 70's. Holy thermometer.

TBill Yaner

Crafted tacos, walks, dogs, weight loss, weekend n the '70's. It's all good if you don't let Washington get us down. Good resolution for 2013.


I really have to try this Crafted place.

Shirlee Murphy

You REALLY should! Daughter Brenda and I had a lovely evening meal last Friday. She picked it up and walked back to my apartment. One of the great joys of living on S. Elm--good eats.

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