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Jan 04, 2013


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Joe Killian

Have now been there an embarrassing number of times.

A great addition to downtown.

Tony Wilkins

The same mother/daughter team from The Bistro at Adams Farm.

Joe: "Have now been there an embarrassing number of times".

If you only knew the times I've been to Carniceria El Mercadito, courtesy of an Ed Cone suggestion, you probably would not be embarrassed.

Tacos Con Pollo, Contodo, Ilevar! And I start to act like Grossburger.

TBill Yaner

Kristina and Rhonda Fuller's first venture together, "The Bistro at Adam's Farm", has been consistently rated on Urban Spoon as The Triad's most popular restaurant. A short trip down High Point Rd just past Sedgefield will show you why.


I will have to check it out.

Thus far, El Tamarindo is still the taco joint to beat. Carniceria El Mercadito is good, too.


I have been meaning to try this new place. thanks for the review.

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