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Jan 02, 2013


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Thanks for the kind comments, Ed.

You are in luck, the head of my development team is right here on my lap and ready to answer your questions.

Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow.

Maybe I better take over.

- More content in store. Some coming in the very short term, some will take a little while longer (like a depository for knowledge and information for a particular subject and giving them a more permanent place to live. Think local wiki fused with aggregation.)

- Under the Plus Sign (which you use to add content), there is a button for Contact/About. It offers the rudimentary how and why about which you ask.

- Twitter feeds are those tagged with #greensboro or #gso. So there is no real-time human selection, but there is a lot of noise in Twitter, so there are some filters in place designed to cut down on spam and keep the feeds relevant (with a very light touch for now).

Thanks again for your support. You've been a long-time booster and I appreciate it.


I like it Roch. You done good.


Blog post are going to get lost in the twitter feed world


Scratch my argument above I just played around with site more and figured out how to draw out twitter feed from looking at site


There are no blog posts on the new 101 today.


Hugh, there are. You can identify them at a glance by the accompanying pencil icon. If you are not seeing them, make sure you don't have blogs turned off. Greensboro 101 remembers your settings, so if you filtered out blogs previously, it will continue to do so until you turn them back on.

Ed Cone

Blog posts aren't showing in chronological order.


Pencil icon? I thought that was Homer Simpson's uranium core.


Thanks, Roch. That fixed it.


"Blog posts aren't showing in chronological order."

They are. (In reverse). Pinned items, whether blog posts or other items, will be out of sequence as they stay near the top. Everything else is newest to oldest, top to bottom.

Yes, Hugh, the uranium core.

Ed Cone

Who does the pinning? How long do they stay up high?


I, the curator.

Currently, there are three spots for pinned items. Items move down as they are replaced by newer selections until they are no longer among the latest three.


After I explained that, I realized that was a deficient method for handling pinned posts so, if you are paying very close attention, you will notice it's not simply that pinned posts age down in chronological order any longer. I've written an algorithm that has pinned posts get varying weight, allowing older but higher weighted pins to stay higher longer even as other newer but lower weighted pinned posts age down in advance of them.

In other words, it's now nut just a function of time, but of weight and time.

Thanks for getting me to think about that a little more.

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