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Dec 24, 2012


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Can't have some people going around asking questions if the answers might mean bad news for the tin foil ideology and pocketbooks of some other folks.

But, here's one: How did the convicted murderer get the gun he used to kill firefighters today in New York?

At the risk of committing a tautology, if you can't get a gun, you can't kill anyone with a gun.


Why did a convicted murderer kill firefighters?


Looks like 15 minutes of fame before fading away.

Copy Cat, only different.

Expect more I suppose.




Ah the partisan politics predictably gets injected into the discussion. You have to point the finger somewhere. Here's a quote from way back in 2009:

"It is unbelievable that at the 10th anniversary of the Columbine attack, President Obama proposes cutting school safety funding rather than restoring massive school safety funding cuts by the past Administration and Congresses. It appears the only 'change we can believe in' is further cuts from pithy federal school safety dollars to small change for protecting our nation's school children and teachers," says Kenneth Trump, President of the Cleveland (Ohio)-based National School Safety and Security Services.

Cuts to the tune of $200 million.

So we can play the partisan game either way, or we can quit trying to score points and realize that this is a problem resulting that implicates any number of policies. The solutions aren't going to make everyone happy, but sacrifice is required if anything is to be accomplished.

Andrew Brod

How is it partisan to want "firearm injury prevention research" to be funded along with other types of public-health research?

Besides, I think you mean "ideological" rather than "partisan." There are pro-gun Democrats and anti-gun Repub... well, maybe the latter no longer exist.

So, wasn't the ideological act in this case the effective ban on research in the first place? If, as you say, "this is a problem... that implicates any number of policies," what's wrong with researching them fully?


How Gun Sellers Use Video Games To Promote Their Brands


Report: Newtown Gunman Adam Lanza Spent Days In Basement Playing Call Of Duty


Anders Breivik 'trained' for shooting attacks by playing Call of Duty



"Real and Virtual Firearms Nurture a Marketing Link

As Electronic Arts prepared to market Medal of Honor Warfighter, the latest version of its top-selling video game released in October, it created a Web site that promoted the manufacturers of the guns, knives and combat-style gear depicted in the game.

Links on the Medal of Honor site allowed visitors to click through on the Web sites of the game’s partners and peruse their catalogs.

...“It was almost like a virtual showroom for guns,” said Ryan Smith, who contributes to the Gameological Society, an online gaming magazine. After Mr. Smith and other gaming enthusiasts criticized the site, Electronic Arts disabled the links, saying it had been unaware of them.


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