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Dec 05, 2012


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Ben Holder

TDBS, Lil Nancy Hoffman and punk ass Robbie tried to make a big deal out of a blog post. They all found it offensive and horrible and they could not believe someone who would do something like that could be on their council. They are full of shit. They didn't care when the cops assaulted/raped another cop in the back of a t set van. No, that's cool. They didn't care when Eva Foster (85 yrs old) was cuffed and roughed by GPD for no reason. They don't care about the city manager's office telling a little lie when things get a lil hairy. Thank God we have Tony!!!!!


Making Well's grin extra wide through photo manipulation was insensitive, but Wilkins' accompanying commentary was substantive. As Ben well knows, Wells would speak out of both sides of her mouth depending on what suited her agenda at the moments (see: secret police recordings, getting to the bottom of.) If public officials find it shocking to be called on their self-contradictions, they should get out of office or stop contradicting themselves.

Worst person on the internet

I wish you guys would stay out TW's dietary business. You're not making my job any easier. I know first hand that he has a crop, a gizzard, and a few other miscellaneous ancillary digestive organs gastronomic science has yet to classify.


Thanks for educating me in the proper use of "horde." I should have known, being a regular watcher of Hoarders.

Ben Holder

Robbie lost a big one last night. He stands alone with Hoffman and TDBS. Denise needs to go as soon as she can. I think she would be a great front desk manager at the O'Henry but she is way over her head in the gig she is in now. She makes fire investigations up to explain away burned out houses being left for months and violates her own policy by secretly taping citizens. Her excuse for that was even more stupid than her fake fire investigation issue. The biggest problem is council says nothing. However, now that TW is on the council, I don't think Denise is gonna get the pass she has been getting. Go by 2208 w. florida if you think the housing issue in under control. Go by it and imagine if it was in Nancy Hoffman's rose tinted view and try to think what she would say. I laughed when that Marshall P guy got up to support the GPAC. Marshall's friends are upset because when they come to the coliseum it isn't nice enough for them. Marshall needs the GPAC so his friends will think he is cool? Marshall is tired of apologizing to his friends about the coliseum? What world does he live in?


A relative who comes and goes from Greensboro watched the meeting with me last night.

After Marshall spoke I explained about the deteriorated condition of War Memorial Auditorium and the continual failure of the city to provide funding to correct it.

His first words were, "sounds like this PAC meeting is the endgame for not maintaining the auditorium".


The N&R article gets Tony's blog URL wrong. Guess that's mitigated by the fact that it's not actually a link, so no one can click on it anyway.


A) I don't know why the N&R continues to identify candidates who blog as primarily as "bloggers". They did this to me too when I ran. Sure I blog some, but like Tony, that is a small fraction of what I do and I would hardly introduce myself as a "blogger".

B) Robbie Perkins has no business attacking Tony for things he put on his blog considering the current state of the House of Perkins.

C) Who will Hyde recruit to challenge Tony the next time around because you know this is coming.

D) I once had lunch with Tony at Sushi Republic. At that lunch, he suggested a meeting to make peace with Ed at Sushi Republic. I expect there will be a motion before the Council soon to hold all meetings at Sushi Republic. Tony isn't a RINO, he's a Sushi Republican.

David Hoggard

Congrats to Tony.

I found it amusing that the N&R's Inside Scoop blog post links to some weird photography blog of nearly the same name as Tony's place..

David Hoggard

Obviously I missed Anthony's post above.

"Sushi Republican"... I like that, Sam. I'm in on that movement.

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