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Dec 11, 2012


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Worst person on the internet

You used to be so amused
At poor misunderstood TDub and the language that he used
Go to him now, call him, you can't refuse
When you ain't got nothing, you got nothing to lose
He's invisible now, he's got no secrets to conceal.

Ed Cone

You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.


Glad I was able to show that goofy picture of DBS to a friend before it expired.

Ed Cone

Hugh, as Dylan said, death is not the end -- you can find a link to an archived version of Tony's blog via my link to Roch.

Worst person on the internet

He can run from his sordid past, but he cannot hide.

sal leone

I am enjoying this because everyone supported him and now he turned his back on fellow bloggers, if I remember right Nancy V defended him on his blog, one word come sto mind FAKE.


Right now Tony must be thinking "you've got a lot of nerve to say you are my friend" after reading this. You just want to be on the side that's winning. Maybe you'll go your way, and I'll go mine.

Tony Wilkins

"I guess I’ll be leaving tomorrow
If I have to beg, steal or borrow
It’d be great to cross paths in a day and a half
Look at each other and laugh

But I don’t think it’s liable to happen
Like the sound of one hand clappin’
The vows that we kept are now broken and swept
’Neath the bed where we slept

Don’t think of me and fantasize on what we never had
Be grateful for what we’ve shared together and be glad
Why should we go on watching each other through a telescope?
Eventually we’ll hang ourselves on all this tangled rope

Oh, babe, time for a new transition
I wish I was a magician
I would wave a wand and tie back the bond
That we’ve both gone beyond"


All the people we used to know
They're an illusion to me now
Some are mathematicians
Some are carpenter's wives
Don't know how it all got started
I don't what they're doing with their lives
But me I'm still on the road
Heading for another joint
We always did feel the same
We just saw it from a different point of view
Tangled up in Blue.

Tony Wilkins

I think Nancy's referral was based on me leaving the blog up long enough for the media to examine for themselves, which they did thoroughly.

Most of you knew when I was appointed, and chose to use a political consultant that I am very fond of, that the blog would come down.

I fully expected a thrashing. And I'm not saying that I don't deserve it. I could have chosen a different consultant. I take responsibility for that.


Your blog sucked anyway, Tony, so I don't know why everyone is complaining about it being gone.

Worst person on the internet

Tony, being thrashed with a wet noodle never hurt anybody. Some people are too far gone in this stuff to realize that other people who have or had blogs sort of don't define themselves as "bloggers". It's called a hobby, a diversion-Hello? And hobbies are often temporary. I have to shake my head at all this "betrayal" drama from those with their worlds and heads embedded inside their own dark cavities. It's not like you've refused to eat lunch with them anymore. Congratulations on your appointment and keep your weight, I mean your chin up.

sal leone

I like you tony, but stand by your words and dont be fake like others on council, dont let the power of the darkside take you in.

sal leone

Come back to us Tony W, dont let the coucil spoil you, you might have to tome it down some on your blog but you can still tell your story, in a nice way.

I will say that it does hurt that you turned your back some, blogging is your voice,

As per Fake people, you will be around a few on council so watch your back, keepy your friends closer.

Ed Cone

Tony, I know you gotta serve somebody, but doesn't the consultant work for you, and not the other way around?


That is astounding. Day one and his actions are at the behest of a political consultant? If the man can't think for himself, there really is nothing more to say.

George Hartzman

and the political consultant is?

Worst person on the internet

Roch reacts.


Tony is one of the guys who stopped C4GC from taking over the GCGOP. I think we owe him some latitude.

Margaret Moffett Banks

Tony has been more of an advocate for openness than past members of the War Memorial Commission. I'm hoping that extends to his work on the council, where he'll champion doing the people's work in public.

I will restate to Tony what I said to him on a previous occasion: "Strap yourself to tree with roots. You ain't goin' nowhere."

David Hoggard

If some of the first advice imparted by Tony's 'consultant' was to take down his blog and never do it again; my money is on Bill Burckley as the adviser. From my viewill is likely the best political brain in this part of the state and if you want to win your election, you'd better heed his advice or he'll just move on. Just ask Trudy, and many others, about his effectiveness (or Sandy Carmany, for another view).

Bill loves weblogs - but only those of his charges' opponents. For him, they represent a gold mine to be perused for nuggets to be extracted, and exploited, at an opportune time (campaigns).

On a related matter, Bill was by the house late last week and dropped off the latest council briefing regarding War Memorial Stadium. Good stuff. Looks like NCA&T to the rescue. More later, kinda busy (note the time stamp.. geez)


There is no dispute of the political success of Bill Burkely, although people certainly win elections aplenty without him -- and against him. My focus is on Tony who, as his very first public act, once sworn in, was not to do something to better serve the people, not to contribute to a sorely needed greater transparency and not to venture to live up to his previous reputation that people publicly endorsed. No, Tony's first deed was out of self-serving consideration of his future political fortunes. He must consider himself very vulnerable for next year's election. He has certainly given us reason to hope that is so.


"Tony is one of the guys who stopped C4GC from taking over the GCGOP."

Do tell.

Or is this just another one of the stories the little voices inside your head provide you?

Worst Person on the Internet

I think Tony will make a solid council representative, for several reasons.
First, he is similar to Wade politically so he would be a good replacement for the people of the district who elected her.
Second, he's politically engaged, astute and not likely to get pushed around due to inexperience.
Third, he is a business owner, but not a commercial real estate mogul.
Fourth,I'm also intimately aware of his dining habits. I respect a man with an adventurous gastronomic curiosity and hearty appetite but I have even greater admiration for a man who has an interest in engaging and dining with people he knows do not necessarily share his view. To be able to do so amicably and respectfully is an indicator of of flexibility and cooperative spirit needed to get things done on city council. He'd likely do us proud. Anybody disagree with that assessment?

Seems like there was one crucial qualification he had but I can't remember what it was. Must not have been that important.

Andrew Brod

"I respect a man with an adventurous gastronomic curiosity and hearty appetite."

I think Hartzman would call that a conflict of interest.

Ed Cone

All fun-having-with-Dylan-lyrics aside, Tony's blog told us some valuable things about the War Memorial commission, and FB postings from Nancy Vaughan also provide some insight into the workings of the City Council, so it is disappointing to see Tony shut down his site upon joining Council, and more so because he admits he did it at the behest of a political consultant.

Not the end of the world, or even Tony's viability and commitment to transparency, but not an encouraging first step, either.


Leon Nutez and E. H. Hennis have more name recognition that any blogger in this area. Welcome to the televised world of local politics. Just sayin..........

Worst Person on the Internet

Maybe he should leave it up and just keep posting on his latest taco lunch every 3 months and Roch will stop crying.

Ed Cone

Writing directly to the public online doesn't rob anyone of one second of camera time.

It can, though, increase the level of insight the public has into even televised processes.

That's what Vaughan does, occasionally, via FB. I hope Tony will continue to find a way to do it, too. Surrendering his blog was not a pretty first step in that direction, but coming here to acknowledge that his string-puller made him do it
was perhaps a sign he's not going to confine himself to old-school communication.

sal leone

When are people going to learm, a lot of people change once they get the office. I am sure once election time is here, there will be some brown nosing and he will care about the people again.



So you are saying TDub doesnt care about "the people" now?

sal leone

Not saying he does not care about the people but he might be intoxicated with power and want to win more than serve. Lets remember mick he went off on city council members but now he has changed direction, WHATS CHANGED,they either still bad in his eyes or not or was he playing the people.

Some good questions.


So obvious, even Sal gets it. (No offense, Sal.)


"Maybe he should leave it up and just keep posting on his latest taco lunch every 3 months and Roch will stop crying."

The larger question is will he still have lunch with Ed Cone?


Oh my God! He shut down his blog! Oh the humanity!

Now that's a winning campaign issue against TW the next time around. I'm sure the general public will be outraged at such treasonous antics.

Grow up. Move out of your parents basement.

sal leone

LOL, you alright Roch, I actually like you, but it was a funny one on me and I even got a laugh out of it.

Ed Cone

I know it's a blog comment thread and thus all thoughts must be reduced to comic-book intensity and simplicity, but there is a real, not very dramatic, kind of interesting point at the heart of this:

More transparency in government is good, online tools give individuals (including those in government) an opportunity to communicate to a mass audience, we had for an instant a councilmember who had used those tools to communicate about his government work in ways that told us more than we otherwise would have known, and then as soon as he hit the big time he pulled the plug at the behest of a consultant, which is a shame.

A minor shame, not an operatic one, but not nothing. Also, not necessarily the end of his efforts in this area, as proved by his appearance in this very thread.

And now, back to your scheduled programming.


Well said, Ed.

Worst person on the internet

My one burning question is: Is it better to have blogged and lost than to never have blogged at all?


I had lunch at Sushi Republic
in the midst of Marlene Sanford and Ed Cone

I had sushi.

I interrupted both Ed and Marlene's lunch,
and for that I apologize.

Point is, when people become more public etc...,
perspectives change as points of view multiply beyond normality.

Some stuff many don't know till afterward.

I think Tony should have the opportunity
to put the blog back up,
and let the chips fall where they may.

It's part of who he is.

Let whoever judge by actions,
not lack of transparency.


Sorry Sal I thought you meant what you said. My bad.

"intoxicated with power"... Really Sal?

I get what some of the true bloggers are saying somewhat. I just dont't have that connection being a mere commentor. But this seems a tad overblown particularly since he hasnt really done squat on his blog for months. I guess this is along those same lines as the comments being "disappeared" at the N&R site. Never really quite understood that as a wholesale travesty either.

To each his own I do suppose.

Good luck TDub. Me thinks you is gonna need it.

Dave Ribar

A lot of dead links on the left-hand "Guilford County" column of the page. Tony's far from alone.


"I guess this is along those same lines as the comments being "disappeared" at the N&R site. Never really quite understood that as a wholesale travesty either."

True for some who wouldn't mind having their history


Ed, It has to make you feel all warm and fuzzy that Tony at least posted here on your blog. It could have been worse...he could have chosen someone else..

"an opportunity to communicate to a mass audience"

There are only a few that blog routinely. How many readers? How many readers that could care less or read for entertainment value only?

Entertaining though....

You appear to be blogging less than a few months ago. Will you be the next to kill or commit bloggercide?

Merry Christmas to all and keep on smiling.


"How many readers?"

It's not about numerical.

It's about efficacy,
which can create large numbers to believe x, y or z,
causing what may be different outcomes
than those who may prefer to promote self dealing ideas
without logical opposition.

Andrew Brod

Well, that's clear.

tk solomon

Evans Law: Whenever "one of our people" reaches a position of power, he ceases to be "one of our people."

Give Tony a chance. He can match every bureaucrat in the cess pool, which they believe is a hot tub, fartbubble for fartbubble, and look good doing it.


You are right Abner George. I really dont care if my comments have been erased at all. Why would I? Why would anyone? Why do you? Unlike you (apparently) I didnt comment for "history" or for the record.

But don't be silly and confuse this with regretting anything typed.

Once again, assigning nefarious reasoning to any and all is why most folks pay you no heed.

Glad to see you have abandoned "Serious Understandable George" and gone back to your SOP. What did you make... two posts? Nice.


"assigning nefarious reasoning to any and all"

Always and never are two words most should always remember never to say.

What's nefarious Mick,
or am I just using too complicated words for comprehension?

Are you suggesting their has been no self dealing?

Am I being "silly"?

How many of your posts and stories on the Aqua center
got zapped?

That's a pretty good reason to not care
if they disappeared.

You obviously don't regret them,
and by your admission you don't care if it's all gone.

Ergo the whole affair looks like it worked out well for you.



It's easy to make fun by disingenuously pretending people are seeing this as a "travesty" or "inhumane." Funny.

However, those comments avoid tackling the issues head on which, as Ed keeps reminding us, are that:

  • Wilkins allowed people to advocate for him because of his blogging (apparently while already planning to stop), which is a type of dishonesty.
  • Wilkins tried to frustrate access to his record, which is also a form of dishonesty. (And pretty dumb since archives remain if you know where to look.)
  • Wilkins abandoned a tool that would greatly benefit the citizens by providing a superior channel of communication from which we could really benefit.
  • Wilkins did these things out of consideration of not how to best serve the public, but for how to win the upcoming election.

The silly and superficial comments that avoid those realities by trying to marginalize the people who are noticing them are, well, silly and superficial.

That's how I see it, anyway, from here in my mom's basement.

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