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Dec 24, 2012


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RIP joe it was a pleasure knowing you. Great guy



Account Deleted

I'm genuinely saddened to hear this. He seemed like a very kind person who knew how to live well.

Margaret Moffett Banks

I got to know Joe during his 2008 run for Greensboro City Council. I wasn't aware he'd been sick. Sad news about a nice guy.


Rip sorry to hear


Ed - there's a memorial service at Lawndale Baptist Church tomorrow night (12/27) at 6:30pm. Family meet & greet at 5:30p.


Tony Wilkins

"Hello" Joe would say as he answered the phone.
"Is this Joe?"
"Yes it is, do you want to fight about it?"
I assured him I did not.
Gonna miss that guy.

Roger Greene

A man who could get me to go door to door campaigning and then stand out in rain and cold at the polling place handing out flyers and asking for a vote for him was a special one indeed. An instant friendship formed when he ran in '07 where I met him at a forum of candidates for city council. To have a solid first impression be further reinforced the more you get to know a person is a rare thing. I just found out a few minutes ago. The world is not a better place after losing him.

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