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Dec 10, 2012


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Jon Lowder

By coincidence I stumbled on the audio version produced by the BBC and available for free on the Internet Archive at http://archive.org/details/IsaacAsimov-TheFoundationTrilogy

David Wharton

That's rich! Galt:Greenspan::Seldon:Krugman.

What does it say about me that I preferred Heinlein in high school? I think I read everything he wrote.

Andrew Brod

The books/series that thrilled me in my teen years, in order of my age when encountering them:

The Lord of the Rings, including The Hobbit and The Silmarillion, all of which I've read an embarrassingly large number of times;

The Dune trilogy;

The Foundation trilogy, which I read in college while studying econometrics. I wondered if statistical models could ever be as effective and accurate as "psychohistory." My answer now: Nope.

Andrew Brod

Speaking of Tolkien, this reviewer doesn't exactly like the new movie. But because "it provides service for the hardcore Tolkien-head, but no foothold for the casual fan," it might be perfect for me.


It's not just the Foundation Trilogy anymore, Ed. Even discounting the Robot books (which shouldn't be discounted), Asimov added Foundation's Edge and Foundation and Earth to make it a...quintilogy? Fivesome?

I hate Mondays...

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