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Dec 07, 2012


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Jon Lowder

I'm gonna guess that you erroneously linked. It's that or I'm just not quite creative enough to figure out what an Atlantic article on insourcing has to do with out of control college students.

Ed Cone

Yeah, fixed, thanks.


"Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son"


When I was a kid and a college student in the '60's, I wouldn't have been caught dead inside a frat or sorority house, where all the Ivy League bad behavior seems to be happening. Neither would any of my friends.

The lawless seventies and eighties? I dunno...


I'm just grateful there wasn't a camera in every pocket during my college days. And that "shaming" hadn't been invented.


So, a lot of our future media, finance, and government elites are willing to degrade themselves in order to get into an inner circle and hang out with the 'right people', to indulge in selfish self-gratification, and to cheat their way into getting their tickets punched.

No surprises then that our media is so compliant, our financiers so ruthless, and our politicians so corrupt.

Ed Cone

Yeah, good thing it only happens at the Ivies.


...and anonymous....

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