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Dec 20, 2012


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Andrew Brod

Maybe I shouldn't have been surprised, but this one surprised me. Art Pope?

Elections have consequences.


First conservatives in the Washington Post, and now this? What's wrong with America?


Meh. I'd be more alarmed if he appointed a former local blogger and current GG "columnist" to be the Sec. @ the NC Dept. of Health and Human Services.



Governor Pope declares North Carolina has no need for a deputy butt-jet director ... sends McCrory home to Myers Park.

The Show must go on.

Account Deleted

James - For real, it doesn't stick. It rings hollow. The more you guys rail against Art the more elections you lose. #needcandidatesmessageandstructure

Andrew Brod

Yep, few people get NC Dems riled up as fast as Art Pope. The way I see it, any governor has a right to have the top advisors he or she wants. There's no real controversy here. But bringing Art Pope on board sure sends a signal.


Aside from the vacuous "We're still the BEST state" TV ads, McCrory's campaign was pretty consistently and firmly on the right. Not surprised, really.


It is unfortunately politically consistent.

Ed Cone

"McCrory's campaign was pretty consistently and firmly on the right."

After years building his career as more of a moderate.

Hence "Which Pat McCrory did NC just elect?" and the related title meme.


I think we should also recognize the ascendance of the John Locke Foundation as witnessed by its presence on the UNC Board of Governors. They are, after all, the most clever of the Tea Party conservatives, predating that effort and being generally well-shepherded by John Hood.


Doesn't ring hollow to me. I've been watching the machinations of Mr. Pope for eight years now. He finally has what he wanted all along.

Of course any governor has the right to choose his advisors. Pope chose McCrory.


Maybe what you consider "conservative" is moderate.

Andrew Brod

Yeah, except that it isn't.


"What's wrong with America?"

"We've just not been paying enough attention to the Dem/Lefty/"Progressive" experts, particularly the Usual Suspects in residence here.

After all, they're never wrong. Except when they frequently are.


"Maybe what you consider "conservative" is moderate."

Particularly so, considering he has yet to offer the return of the Obamacare Health Care Exchange bribe.


"they're never wrong. Except when they frequently are"

That's deep, man. Deep.


Wow. So now Andrew even speaks for Ed.


"That's deep, man. Deep."

No, son....it's accurate.

Fred Gregory


Why are you Dubbas blurred ?

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