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Dec 21, 2012


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George Hartzman

i have noticed an amazing amount of commercials for shows on tv including firearms lately.

paying closer attention though.

jack reacher

cop shows

new sean penn movie.

maybe those telling they have a prescription
may not want to tone down the tv violence etc...

i think some think steak is grown on a styrofoam tray out of a moisture pad.

George Hartzman

we have a generation raised on simulated slaughter within video games.

no different flying a drone.

death has been sterilised

how many have injured a mammal with intent to kill, and finished the job while the prey suffers?

has anyone seen if this 20 year old awkward antisocial guy did for fun?

a generation trained by simulation and media that glorifies carnage, while the population is desensitized with repetitive images of painless, quick and unrealistic death as our soldiers...

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