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Dec 03, 2012


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My fave has always been the Tex Mex spread from Tres Hombres. La Grange was pretty good, too.

Worst person on the internet

I can't believe all that wasn't a lead-up to this. Could this be my first alert reader pointer thnx?

Ed Cone

Actually did mean to throw that in -- it was emailed to me yesterday by a non-reader who is not known to be especially alert. But you do get an Alert Reader Reminder badge, and your choice of virtual tote-bag or virtual coffee mug.


I wonder what my mother thought on all those mornings,getting ready for school, when those albums were cranked at 1000 dbs.

Ginia Zenke

Did anyone see Letterman last night in his post Kennedy Center Honors aw-shucks-you-shouldn't-have--what-will-the-little-people-think-of-me-now high?
Being honored - and I'm still not certain WHY - with Led Zeppelin and others, he couldn't resist the opportunity to have them on the show.
They showed up, Dave stayed his Dave-ish self, and it was a GHASTLY waste of their time and ours. Letterman should have abdicated the interview to Paul Scheaffer.
The end result was that LZ showed up and thankfully JPJones said a few funny things, and that was it.
So, Letterman's "had them on the show." He didn't even do them the honor of trying to find out WHY he should have them on the show. (there is more to find to honor LZ than DL - and don't go into the dishonors of the parties involved - Dave probably has a corn cob in his past) It was like he had never listened to any of their music. (Flashback to Johnny Carson introducing Lenard Skynard with a long i....)
Come ON!
Letterman: "uh, uh,...so your drummer dies..." !!!!! Need I say more?

Re: Meta thread: of all the songs... Ramble On? Well, for a quickie....

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