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Dec 01, 2012


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Diverse - yes. Affordable - yes. Walkable - eh, sort of. See WalkScore

David Wharton

Brian -- I haven't been watching council meetings. Did you get the Council to review progress on the Glenwood plan?

I'm curious about how many neighborhood plans are out there, and who's keeping track of progress on them. I know our neighborhood has one, but even some city staff are not aware of it. Lindley, College Hill, Ole Asheboro also have them, I think. What city resources are devoted to completing the plans?


David - Yes, I asked City Council if they could direct staff to provide two things 1)An update of progress made on the plan, and 2)barriers and obstacles towards implementation to the plan. Nancy Vaughn then made the formal request on my behalf. The IFYI above has a very short report from City Planning Staff that responds to those two points. Unfortunately, I think the report is inadequate - a point I have already made via email to Council.

I am not aware of any dedicated city resources nor a staffing plan geared directly towards monitoring progress and/or initiating elements of the plan. There are staff that act as liaisons to these neighborhoods, but I think that is insufficient. The City has spent significant time and resources to developing the neighborhood plans, but my assertion is that follow through on the plans has been extremely inadequate.

Knowledge of the plans is inadequate. Neighbors were rallying to organize to get something done about Lovett St only to find out that a design for sidewalks was complete and our liaison with PCD had no knowledge - so a lack of communication between GDOT and PCD on that. A few years back at a District 1 Budget meeting, I advocated for a Department of Neighborhoods - I think at least a full time person dedicated to advancing progress on the plans would be a good step to take.


I didn't expect that fast of a response...the City now has a Neighborhood Services Division.

City Restructures PCD, Renews Focus on Housing
Posted Date:12/3/2012 2:00 PM
In a strategic effort to enhance its approach to housing compliance and code enforcement, the City of Greensboro is restructuring its Planning and Community Development Department (PCD). Among the moves is the formation of the Neighborhood Services Division, which renews the City’s focus on addressing neighborhood and housing issues.

According to City Manager Denise Turner Roth, this is the first in a series of steps designed to address the department’s structure, resources and internal processes as it overcomes challenges raised in recent months.
“Ensuring the safety and quality of the residential housing in Greensboro is a top priority for the City and the Planning and Community Development Department,” says Roth. “We are working diligently to address the concerns we have with our minimum housing and code enforcement. After reviewing the structure and operation of the department, I’m confident these moves place the right people and resources in a position to succeed.”

Roth says that under the continued direction of PCD Director Sue Schwartz, a new deputy director position and new Neighborhood Services Division will bolster the leadership and oversight of the City’s compliance processes. The Neighborhood Services Division is managed by Barbara Harris, who moves over from her position as the department’s development division manager. Harris oversees the two primary functions of the division, formed out of existing departmental services, which include housing rehabilitation along with compliance and minimum housing code. The City will conduct a competitive search for a deputy director.

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