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Dec 18, 2012


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Bill Yaner

One of the best Burgundy's you can get. It SHOULD taste good!

That would be great for me too if you're wondering what to get me for Christmas.

Peggy Hickle

I second that motion. I'd settle for a glass.

Worst person on the internet

How come everybody in the world but me seems to innately know what is "good" wine? Can they start stamping the bottle with a label to that affect? Too damn complicated for me. My limited experience tells me that costing too much, and REALLY not tasting all that great would seem to be the prime qualifications. And hold the Wilkes County jokes. My two brothers Darryl who have worse teeth than mine love the stuff.

Zack Matheny

You know, you could drop a bottle by your new neighbors house to welcome the family and offer Happy Holidays.

Ed Cone

That's the thing about this stuff, Worst -- it's supposed to be good, according to my cousin who goes to the annual dinner in Beaune, and it actually tastes really good.

Like, nectar. No sophistimication needed.

Just one bottle left, Zack. Happy to have shared that one with my boy, wish I'd saved a few more along the way.

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