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Dec 12, 2012


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PTI looks like an airfield compared to RDU and CLT and has far less airport gates. PTI needs a major make over. The airport is outdated with its 1980s interior and dull architecture. It can't believe all this time has passed by without a major renovation and upgrade to PTI's terminal building. International needs to be removed from the name because there are no international flights coming in and out of PTI. PTI will never becoming a major passenger hub but it can be the center of the Triad's cargo and distribution industries.


Links to PDF's are now w-a-y down at the bottom of that page. Triad general aviation is very close to CLT in general aviation money, a bit ahead in revenue. On the commercial side, CLT and RDU have more than $20 billion of the $25.87 billion total revenue pie. CLT's paying way more taxes then anyplace else.


Say hey to JN.

Ed Cone

Would love to spend some time in Boston, but I will see only Logan and the inside of a conference room in Needham before heading back to NC that evening.

David Wharton


George Hartzman

ron, you seem in favor of spending public dollars to fix systemic economic problems. how would making our airport look nicer with my money bring more jobs, which euals more flights?


"ron, you seem in favor of spending public dollars to fix systemic economic problems. how would making our airport look nicer with my money bring more jobs, which euals more flights?"

Well if we can get the republicans to support Obama's stimulus spending, PTI can look nicer, have more amenities and create jobs in the process. Ultimately we have to give people a reason to fly into and fly out of Greensboro.

Shirlee Murphy

There are a lot of reasons to come through PTI which I consider one of the most efficient, cleanest,and friendliest airports I have ever been in. I have always been totally impressed--part is the manageable size I think.

I am a great supporter of public art but I hardly think that is what folks head to the terminal for!

George Hartzman

financial illiteracy.


Decent prices is all I need. Driving to Raleigh and Charlotte for far cheaper prices is getting really old. All that said, we dont fly that much.

Ed Cone

My choice tomorrow is not driven by price but service -- you can't get there from here.

Bill Bush

The airport in Greensboro (which is what I call PTI) is just fine as it is. I don't want to pay more for tickets on the bus with wings. Ron, please take this as my thinking on your suggestion of prettifying the airport. We do need infrastructure spending, but not on that. It works just fine. Public safety issues like bridges, highway widening, better signage and drainage need attention first. Public building upkeep has suffered greatly during the past several years, I'm sure. If not caught up in time, that "savings" will come back to bite us. So while the airport is plain, it is also fine. Maybe even dandy. Most people are looking for parking, looking for ticket and luggage facilites, looking for their gates and looking for the bathroom before departure. They aren't looking at the building.

Ed Cone

Our airport is dowdy and in need of a refresh.

What it needs more, and first, is better service. And that would likely lead to a renovation.

For those flights it does have, it's incredibly easy to use.

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