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Dec 19, 2012


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Account Deleted

Since Leslie and Binker went to WRAL I have had hardly any need for N&O. Actually, they became pretty much irrelevant when Beckwith left.


I agree completely with Jeffrey. Despite butting heads with him several times, Beckwith's departure was a huge loss for the N&O.

And now with Mark Binker and Laura Leslie both hitting stride at WRAL, they've become the most reliable source of political news coverage in the state. (Caution ... don't go near WRAL's online comments if you want to have any faith in humanity.)

A year or so ago, I did an experiment to see if I could keep up BlueNC blogging without linking to the N&O. The plan was triggered by some ham-handed editorials and the continuing presence of Art Pope's minions on their opinion pages. As it turns out, the N&O was entirely dispensable.

I'd subscribe to the paper again if they could find a way to reconnect with their populist / activist leanings from the late 20th Century. Unfortunately, that ain't gonna happen in our emerging corporate welfare state.

Andrew Brod

But Nately did.


Are you folks talking about the N&O, O as in Observer, a paper in Raleigh, a city in and the capital of North Carolina?

Ed Cone

Dale: Except for the obscure Joseph Heller references, yes.

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