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Nov 08, 2012


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Account Deleted

Could you link some of the articles that have been written about this collection over the years if you have time. I'm fascinated each time you post about it.

Ed Cone

The Michael Palin documentary is kind of fun -- Here's the trailer. One of the best things written was this piece by my namesake, which I wish was available at full length online. And there are several books, of varying quality.

More to your point, there's a ton of stuff on the web (some with small but vexing errors that probably don't matter much to the rest of the world, e.g., Claribel actually did not go to med school at Hopkins). My old Forbes article is out there, too, although I'm not sure it adds much to the canon.

Jordan Green

Can you post a link to the Forbes article? We'll be the judge of whether it adds to the canon.

David Wharton

Read the American Scholar article ... amazing. I love this bit from Aunt Claribel's diary: "Gertrude and Miss Taklos dinner for 3 -- Foyot. Dinner with wine 30.55. Fee. 3.00 / 33.55 fr."

Ed Cone

DW, Cousin Edward was a pretty brilliant guy, and great company, too.

Jordan, here's the link. I think I sell Etta a bit short in it. And while I like the brisk Forbes style, it does squeeze out detail that might have added depth to the characters (I think his siblings sometimes called Brother Moses "Mosey," too, which humanizes him) and the business story (the siting of Revolution in Greensboro also was driven by the availability of a huge tract of land assembled by economic developers) and understanding of the collection itself (I wanted to talk a bit about the fabrics and the growing recognition that what had been thought of as craftwork is increasingly appreciated as fine art -- an idea that actually gets its due in the current show), etc, etc. And telling the story through the lens of money was a prerequisite for the venue (the Forbes 400 issue), but I don't think it's necessarily the best approach. But, also, I'm kind of obsessive and hate pretty much everything I ever publish.


You can't read about art without a good glass of red to accompany it.

Jordan Green

Thanks, Ed. I hope I'm up to the task of knocking out an article about the Weatherspoon exhibit at this late hour.

Account Deleted

UNC-TV is airing a show about this at 930 tonight.

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