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Nov 07, 2012


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David Wharton

That was the most interesting part of last night's coverage, and I liked Kelly's eagerness to pull back the veil on how those calls get made.

Andrew Brod

Rover's argument wasn't even logical and missed the whole point of how these projections are made. John King at CNN was making the same arguments about where the remaining votes were going to come from, and it's not rocket science (though there's some statistical analysis in the background).

But Rove would have none of it. When when he got pushback from Fox's own analysts, he backed down a bit and started invoking "public perception." Of whom? Fox News? He should be more concerned about the public's perception of him.


I bet he's peeved. How much money did he earn trying to buy the vote for R candidates across the country? This is his job - his livelihood - and people's desire to give to American Crossroads in the future to win elections is going to wane now that he spent all of this money with very few positive results. He'll need to reinvent himself now that his experiment has failed, even though this failure has likely left him a very wealthy man.

Peggy Hickle

I think he must have been confusing the anchors even before they let him onscreen because at about 11:10pm, when it became clear that WFMY was going to continue to broadcast the local news despite the fact that the Obama win was going to be announced imminently, I surfed up to my next news channel which happened to be WGHP. I think one of the anchors was announcing that Ohio had gone to Obama and the other was saying, "Wait - what? That's not right -- it's still too close to call." Mayhem was ensuing so I surfed up to NBC to see what was really happening. Now I wish I'd stayed on Fox! Dang -- that's good stuff.

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