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Nov 08, 2012


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"It's a funny name, but people sure like saying it" gets my all-time worst campaign ad award. The sad thing is it really did a great disservice to Dalton. Listing to him in debates and interviews, he really was on the ball with a lot more to offer than the vapid emptiness that ad implied. Whoever is responsible for it should get out of the business.


On the other hand, he did get elected (or at least nominated for) Lt. Gov. on the strength of ads made up of people saying his name over and over.

Maybe Jim Hunt would consider running for governor again. Roy Cooper apparently plans to grow old waiting for a year when he couldn't possibly lose.

Andrew Brod

And playing Hamlet, Roy Cooper!

On the other hand, maybe he just doesn't want to be governor.


My sentiments exactly. Well said.

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